Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Why White women hate Asian women.

First off, Merry Christmas to the 6 of you who read this blog according to my stat counter. :)

I touched on this subject in an entry last month and now I am going to expand on it. Anybody who has ever heard a Black woman rant and rave about how white women "steal" all the good successful black men away. Well, It is basically the same situation here with Asians and White girls.

More and more white women are running off with the morons while young hot and dumb and after they are done they hope/pray and expect a straight edge guy with his life together to sorta come by and pick them up and most often their fatherless kids as well. The term that best describes these guys is "Captain save-a-ho." Problem nowadays is that those guys who would have played that role are being met and picked up by Asian women in droves especially foreign born ones or ones from real traditional families that are born here.

First came across this hate a few years back as a teenager working in a Wendy's. A late 20 something year old white woman who still looked great for her age was complaining about a man she had set her sights on. Seemed she knew him from a few years back and she knew he had a thing for her but she wasn't interested. Now she was all of a sudden for you see. She had a kid by some thug and had to work in a fast food restaurant as a second job to get enough money. While said guy worked some odd job in a law firm making plenty of money. But didn't seem to be showing the same interest he once did.

If that sounds familiar to those six readers who come here. It is because of
this blog entry. Seems to be the norm eh? A few days later her hopes were dashed however and she ended up sad and a few female coworkers were consoling her. He wasn't interested in her anymore because he was already involved with an Asian woman. Turns out she wasn't alone in this as all of a sudden multiple girls started giving her their own experiences of evil Asian women dashing their hopes for a good man. One even at the young age of 18. The thought that perhaps she should have dated him before instead of the thug she did and got pregnant by didn't cross her mind. Wasn't her fault she wanted an exciting bad boy. But it was that Asian woman's fault for picking the nice guy with his life together.

A few years later in college I'd run into the Asian hate once again. This time by a group of racist feminist while on a group lab project. Don't even remember how the subject came up. But the bigotry flowed. With the blanket idea that all Asian women are ignorant and weak willed, poor, Horny sluts and prostitutes. Then there was the so similar story of some guy who was doing well that one was dating. She claimed that he dumped her and is now going to marry a Chinese girl who couldn't speak English because she was that stupid[because only intelligent people know English?]

What got me was the reason she claimed he broke it off with her.
"He couldn't handle me because I am too strong and independent. What a weak sexist pig to go with some weak slutty chink girl he can dominate and oppress."

WOAH, Isn't that some shit. The near exact excuse Black women use to explain away black men who date white women.
It is bullshit for Black women and it is just as bullshit coming out of their mouths.
On a forum I witnessed an argument over a guy saying he used a dating website to find his wife of then going on 4 years. A few women launched into how much of a loser he had to be that he had to look overseas for a wife. He admitted that in a way it was true. He did it because a friend used the same agency and his marriage looked great while he couldn't get a date.
Ready for some deja vu? He started telling everybody his past dating life. Technically they were right he was a loser to women around him. He is an unimposing guy and was shy. No "edge" to him that domestic women his age wanted. So he was snubbed over and over and over again. Till he met somebody else with the same problem who solved it by getting an attractive loyal Thai who didn't mind that he didn't know how to play any sort of dating game.

That is the real difference it seems. A lot of Asian women seem to look past the silly games and don't mind a guy that just treats her well. They directly pick up the captain save-a-ho and bypass the stupid shit other women are doing. So he asked all the women complaining. What should he have done? Stayed alone and dateless till some woman any woman would have him? If no American woman wanted him then why can't he find an attractive Filipino girl who did want him? Their answer? One was bold and actually said yes, He should've stayed alone. One said he was a weak man who only did it because he couldn't handle the strength of Modern women.
Another woman gave an interesting answer. That he should have waited longer. Why? Here comes some more deja vu. Because the way he is NOW he would have been able to attract many American women. Why? Because he would have been dealing with older more mature women and that is when they want nice decent men like him who have his life together. Indeed he did have a good job and had quite a nice house.

That is the bottom line folks. That is the reason more white women are jumping on the "I hate Asian women" bandwagon. Because Asian women are swooping in and picking up the guys white women are trying to save for later. They are fast losing their place as the most wanted type of female that they have enjoyed for the longest of time. White women just like black women are spending too much time with the wrong type of men. Then get angry when the decent men are picked up by others and they are stuck with more losers.

Unlike black women however, White women actually have political power here in the states and they are too bratty and spoiled to just accept this.
Soon I am sure there is going to be a law passed that somehow stops men from finding Asian wives and bringing them here. Or at the very least attempt to shut down the websites that help men do it.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Just confirms my beliefs.

As I said in my blog post from September.

One of the biggest reasons that black america is in such dumps has to be
how it has become culturally accepted to be a, For a lack of a better phrase, "A
dumb nigger" in the strictly stereotypical way.

I now present Exhibit A... "Fry That Chicken"

Some people will say "It is just a joke don't take it so seriously" but really think about that video.
Had that been put together by somebody white hell would have frozen over. So why is it all of a sudden A-OK when somebody black does something that is still damned offensive. It is time to start holding ourselves to some sort of standard. Start giving a damn about what sort of image we are sending to our black youth.
Otherwise shit won't change.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Nobody was bothered enough to call the cops.......

I didn't get much sleep last night.
I am sure most of my neighbors didn't either. None of us have the past few months.

There is this couple, An interracial couple that every other night either have insanely loud sex-a-thons at night or he is beating the hell out of her. Yes, Beating the hell out of her no exaggeration on my part.

The woman is white, attractive, middle class career gal and her man is a tattooed gang banging thug. She could do better easily if she really wanted to and everybody around here knows it and most of all SHE knows it. But she is with the guy she *wants. Now, when I explain what I am about to explain to most people jump on my case hard. I have to be wrong it is such the wrong way to look at it she is a victim. She isn't with that thug because she wants him he must mess with her head and make her feel bad about herself so she stays because she thinks she can't get another...
Now, In some cases I am sure that is true. It can be true if it is a woman with a rich man armed with a prenup. Using the threat of losing the security his money can provide her to keep her in an abusive relationship. If the woman is ugly and fat and doesn't get much male attention can fall victim to that.

But there are times, Plenty of times when a woman is in an abusive relationship because that is what she wants. Not because she has some sort of head problems or self-esteem issues. It is the "chicks dig assholes" taken to an extreme. I know this because on three different occasions I have seen decent well off men try talk to her only to have her blow them off completely. One time she did it unnecessarily harsh saying "You aren't even worth talking to loser" with a completely exaggerated eye roll after the man tried to making small talk in the laundry room.

Why would a woman who doesn't have any sort of mental issues blow off decent nice guys for a gang banger thug? Because it seems the new trend of desirable guy has become one who has to have some sort of exciting "edginess" to him. That is why, Despite the first 2-3 times her boyfriend has beat the hell out of her and was taken away by police he was right back there barely a week later[the first time just a day or two later] then mark his return with another loud sex-a-thon with her screaming I love you so much that very night.

Now, This isn't about "nice guy vs jerk asshole guy" no no. "Nice guys" can pick up women easy in San Diego. The difference is that they can't be or even give off the impression that they are just all around decent moral upstanding men. It is fine to be nice at *times* but I see you need to shock them every so often. Sending them on highs and lows throughout the relationship so they have something to cry about. Same with that woman. The excitement of having a dangerous thug around her turns her on. She gets her lows when he beats the hell out of her and gets her highs from seeing him harass and show his "strength" when he is bulling neighbors and others around her. It is edgy and hot to her. Being a decent normal guy is not.
Now, I'll admit this is an extreme case of it as normally being a loud drunken fool with self important swagger can often be enough for those who want to kinda sorta want something with an edge without being too dangerous for her.

Regardless, I see this becoming the standard in the dating game in San Diego if you want a young attractive woman. I see tons of decent hardworking guys who are respectful not get shit unless it is from a woman who needs saving. To steal a phrase I've heard on the radio before. He gets nothing unless he decides to play "Captain save-a-ho"
Well, Unless he is white and decides to go Asian who for the most part seem to be the only ones left who will date interracially(plenty of Mexican girls don't mind decent hardworking Mexican guys... most don't date other races however) and still are attracted to decent men while they are in their best years.
Just like the "loser" decent guy from that laundry room. He went Asian. Cute Vietnamese girl lives with him and has for the past 6months.
The man who was told "he wasn't worth talking to" because he was such a loser. Is a soft spoken decent looking guy who in a few years I am sure will be living it up in La Jolla with a good job and Vietnamese wife.
Few years from now I am sure he is going to be another guy all the white girls will hate to death for "going Asian." Which is becoming all the rage here in San Diego amongst the women who need a captain save-a-ho.
But the captains are gone. Either becoming jaded dicks or finding the Asian fobs who are studying from other countries at one of the universities here.

Young women who "need" that edginess are just fucking it up for themselves really. As decent moral people who know that mindset is pure idiocy are fast starting to not care. Just as nobody bothered to call the police for the 5th,6th,7th, time last night[lost count] and most decent guys are starting to not care enough to be the captain save-a-hos when they need them.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Sorry. Yes I am worth a lot now.

Picking up where I left off 2 months ago....Heh.

I'll start this entry off with a paraphrased bit of conversation with an old crush from high school.

[old-crush] Wow so you work as a ******. That must pay well. Now I see why
you have a nice car!
[Black-M] Um... It pays enough to pay the bills.
[old-crush]That and paying for nice dates. I am sure you must have tons and
tons of dates.. [awkward pause]..right?
[Black-M stares blankly] ....not
really no......
[old-crush can't hide her excitement] Oh, That is too
bad! Hey you want to
do something this weekend? We can catch up with each
other more or something!
[Black-M] Maybe, Depends on what I'm doing.....
Anyway I gotta go.

I am sure some people would read that and think "You're so dumb! She totally wanted you and you use to have a crush on her right? You have a chance with her now" Indeed, She was pretty damn transparent. Thing is she is just one of quite a few girls from high school this past year who are started to roll around and all of a sudden start dropping hints and some of them I indeed were attracted to in high school and would ask them out.

Here is where the rant starts. You see it isn't a coincidence that this only started to happen this year. People talk especially over myspace and now that I have my life together and I am making plenty of money. All of a sudden high school girls who rejected me hard 6-7 years are making an effort to come talk to me and very quickly the "lets catch up chat" turns into "I heard you had a crush on me in high school/Remember when you asked me out" to "I just dumped my last boyfriend he was such a jerk" "Hey, You aren't dating anybody right now and neither am I..." Now don't get the wrong idea, This isn't about how they rejected me years before. What gets me is the fact that each one of them are all from the same mold.

They have gained nearly 100 pounds since high school. They all have at least one kid and one had 2 and one more on the way.....Yes, Pregnant with a child and trying to steer the conversation into "dating" after 10 minutes prior telling me the father of her baby on the way is in prison. Not only are they all become fat and already have children. They are all broke, Poor and in debt. Then among the first topic that gets brought up is my job and how much money I am making. Then about how many "jerk" and "loser" men they have been meeting.... Then about what a nice and good guy I was.Then ask about some gossip they heard about my dating habits and a general shakedown on my love life.... Then the flirting starts.

How fucking offensive. When they are broke, When they have lost their attractiveness and they are still living with their parents with their fatherless children. That is when I am finally "desirable" eh? Worse yet, They ALL get offended when I am not jumping at the chance to wine and dine them. I've got quite a few ear fulls of bitching about how I blew them off. A few got it right however. While they were complaining about how much of an asshole I was since I was doing so well and they aren't I must think I am better than they are now. Yes, That was it 100 percent. Why shouldn't I? They decided to mess around with losers the past 5-6 years. Now at the age of 24-25, Their parents are sick of them in their house still. Father of their children are in jail. They don't make enough on welfare/low wage job. Then they feel those same men they looked down on for not being aggressive enough, Attractive enough or just didn't have that charisma 5-6 years ago that their thug boyfriends had. Who instead focused on getting their life together while they sat on the sidelines. When I explain this out their only response was always "Wow so you are bitter." No, That isn't it all. I just know my worth. Not that my worth mattered to these women.

Women who complain about how they only can find "losers" for men only have to look at themselves. They spent their most attractive years chasing after no future thugs then expect "decent" guys to come pick them up after they have been used up. After they have 3 kids by 2 different fathers. After they have become fat. Save them from welfare or a low wage job so they can be lazy at home with a better and bigger house.

No thanks. I'm worth more than that.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The Black American Male.

One of the biggest reasons that black america is in such dumps has to be how it has become culturally accepted to be a, For a lack of a better phrase, "A dumb nigger" in the strictly stereotypical way. Even those in the middle/uppermiddle class neighborhood I lived in which meant they had no real reason to try to act "street" as they were out of the "ghetto". Those who do not conform to the stereotype get outcasted and become targets for bullies and general cruelty by their peers. As what happened in my younger days with my family and their close friends and the kids around the neighborhood. Worse yet so many "leaders" within the black community instead of trying to do something about it. Ignore it or just blame it all on white people... Which too many of them just accept the blame.

It also leads to an interesting double standard. Acknowledging and showcasing and praising hiphop culture doesn't lead to any sort of real backlash for whites as the idea of the 'black gangbanger" seems to have become part of the PC blame game. It is ok to say "That is just their culture so don't be ignorant and just accept it don't be racist" but to say "You know, Maybe it would be a better idea if a black guy cared more about education instead of bling" would cause somebody white their job.

It is as if there is a massive effort by people to make sure that street culture stays within the black community. Using the media as a big front to push such a mindset on everybody. Take Bill Cosby, Basically doing nothing more than saying "Hey, Go to school, being a drug dealer is bad, speak decent english instead of trying to be street" and every mainstream news outlet did NOTHING but downplay what he said and alluded that he was going crazy. Even our civil leaders did the same.

What was so bad about his message? I can think of one. If Black men took it to heart in big numbers those who are making money in the current street "pop-culture" that is in the mainstream media. Thats right, We are being sold a bill of goods so others can make money and get rich. Specifically, White rich Jewish men who are getting richer off sending black america to the trash. BET got bought out by Viacom[Jewish owned] and has been pushing that same bling culture only. It is also pushed by their other stations MTV and UPN, UPN with all of their crappy "black" sitcoms that push only certain ideas on what being a "black male" should be like. Complete with the black guy who is a complete "nerd" who speaks "white" who doesn't understand the latest "black" trends and listens to rock and roll. Who ends up the butt of the rest of the characters jokes and bullying as well as that one episode where they try to make him "cool" and "black" for his benefit.

While black women on a whole do better on the education and job front as it is just fine to protray a hard working and educated "sista" on TV and push it into mainstream culture[One of the very few things Feminism got right] they still fall for the same nonsense as black males. As they belive the concept and stereotype of black men they see in pop culture[pushed by white jewish men for money btw] and belive THAT is what is attractive. Thus, Even starting from a young age. A black boy who shows decent morals and works hard at his education and future is seem as a "loser" by black girls around him. Or at least till he makes a shit load of money since he managed to use his degree he worked hard at. Then he is sought after.

Young impressionable black boys don't have much of a chance.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Only white feminist matter.......

March of that 4th grade year had us studing about feminist and suffragettes thoughout history. Or the white ones at least. Popular female columnist are almost always white upperclass women. Feminist authors are often white. The popular feminist that get TV screen time to push their opinion on gender politics are almost always white. They only carry around a few token minorities and pay lip service to the ills of ethnic non-african women who are suffering thoughout the world. But you will not see them try to do anything about any of them NO. Only western white women truly matter.

Our teacher gave us a list of women and we were told to pick one and research her then turn in a paper for womens history month. A girl asked the teacher if she could do one on somebody who was not on the list and was allowed too. Seeing a chance to make this assignment very easy as I had plenty of source material thanks to an uncle. I asked if I could do mine on Sojourner Truth. If I could do a report on her I could skip out on the research part and get right to actually writing the report. I got crammed full of black history due to an uncle who was big on it and loved to teach me all he could since I was his only nephew who wanted to learn and read about it.

Yes, That was her response. A woman who spent most of the year cramming feminism down our throats. She didn't even recongnize the name right away. I brought up her "Ain't I a woman?" poem and said she was the author of it. Then she remembered.
That was when she got pissed. Raising her voice to say "No, Pick from somebody on the list!" I tried to protest asking why not and got sent to the counselor's office to be disiplined........

Every woman on that list was white...
Guess they were the only ones worth making a report on?

Monday, August 28, 2006

Feminist Lessons

I find it amazing the sheer dissonance that white feminist display at will. Even more amazing that for whatever reason. Nobody really bothers to call them on it. One of those being the complete racism they can show on one end then shout about how they are really about "equality" in the very next sentence.

One of those times came during good ol' February, Black history month. We were watching roots in class which normally would be a good choice during Black history month. Except when your teacher is a radical feminist it becomes instead and lesson in white feminist history. All throughout the series that week she would pause at times and start lecturing about a topic that was always nothing more than downplaying the plight of African American slaves while making it a point that we all identified that white women too faced the same slavery and discrimination as all of the slaves.

She did this right at the very start. First pointing out what she saw as an "obvious patriachal" tribal system. Then launched into how such
"obvious patriachal" societies have led to the oppression of women. Then took her finger and pointed at several of white female classmates and said "You you you and you would have suffered the same oppression and discrimination as the African Americans in those days and indeed we still do now"
Even as young as I was I had to sit and wonder. Just what in the fucking hell was the point? How in the world did this particular time in the movie spark all of that? How in the world did she figure that white women had it just as bad as THE SLAVES in that time? It was just one amongs the first of many cases that I have seen white feminist downplay true suffering and oppression to keep up their own idea of victimhood. That victimhood being their powerbase to gain the upperhand over others. This same victimhood which has no doubt cost the lives of many black men who have been hung for even annoying a white woman, Let us not forget emmitt till yes?

Wasn't all of couse. Not much later she paused again to launch into female circumcision and how African cultures all used the practice strictly to keep their women oppressed by denying them pleasure. Other times during the missy-anne scenes to point out for whatever reason how the current social climate is oppressive to her. She had quite the lecture after the scene with kizzy and missy are sitting down and missy is explaining why african americans have to be slaves. Mind you, This teacher only pointed out how she said "just like boys are better than boys" and left idea that white is better than black completly alone. Probably since she agreed with it.

Then the rape scene comes up and she launches into a lecture about that. Now, I am against rape in all forms but regardless, How in the world is that topic age appropriate?

Guess when it comes to radical feminism. Nobody is too young to be indoctrinated into their propaganda after all, Getting them when they are young helps the agenda of white feminist women keep their power and control.

Friday, August 25, 2006

More at Forbes, In response to "Don't marry a career woman"

I present to you a thread by a user named "Karma"

The rebuttal totally missed the mark. There was no arguing of the evidence so I'm going to assume the evidence stands on its own merit.

In a nutshell, Noer targetted his message to the overacheiving men. Telling them that a happy marriage is not likely with an overacheiving women. Then he backed it up with evidence.

To all those women saying it's telling you to go back to the kitchen: well it doesn't at all. It's saying your choices have consequences.

I will concede that it was male-centric, so let's take a look at how the article would flow from the female perspective.

Ladies, marry fat, short, tall or handsome men but whatever you do don't marry a career man if you want a successful marriage. In fact studies show if you marry a man who makes less than you it won't work either.

There you feel better now? No? Okay well what do you want? Oh you want it all? Hold that thought, let's see what the guys want and see how we can compromise.

So guys what do you want from a women?
A loving wife who will create a sanctuary and nurture your children so they grow up as healthy responsible adults.

That's asking a lot guys what do you have to offer?
Just love, money and security? Sorry guys but women don't need that what else you got? Oh you'll cut back your hours and take care of the kids yourself.

Well the ladies don't date lazy bums. They will meet you half way though being fair and all. Just give up the kids and the sanctuary and we got a deal.

Sorry ladies guys said no deal, they did come back with a counter proposal though he's willing to let you work less. Oh your career is the most important thing in your life?

Focus sentence being this one here

To all those women saying it's telling you to go back to the kitchen: well it doesn't at all. It's saying your choices have consequences.

Which is the real problem. They don't want to have those consequences to their choices. They want no consequences at all. They want a man there to shoulder those instead. It has to be thier fault.
I love how he also called them on the nonsense that somehow this article is telling them all to stop having thier careers and that they deserve a choice.
Thing is, They do not want men to have a choice. They want men to flow with what THEY themselves want. They do not want men thinking for themselves. Another problem I had with my feminist teacher in the fouth grade. Unlike the other boys in the class I thought for myself. Of course anybody reading this doesn't know about any of that because I haven't got around to "blogging" those stories.

I better get on that shouldn't I?

Wow at Forbes.

Careers and Marriage

I never thought I'd see something like this on any sort of mainstream publication like Forbes.
One thing to notice is the difference between how both articles are written. The male one making sure he was more objective and was actually using sources from social studies and social scientist. The female version just being a rant fest about how bad, useless and stupid men are.

Though what I am more amazed at is the responses in their forum.

This would have to be the first time I have ever seen men stand up tell these women "No, We are done with your bullshit, You don't get to have your cake and eat it too". The very first time in my 24 years of life. I seriously thought I was the only one fed up with the nonsense of feminism. Let me highlight a few of the post that caught my attention.

By a user named "Angelus"
Make no mistake. I see through your lies. You are not interested in equality. You are feminists, from the word feminine. Your only concern is women- you are female supremacists. Your insane ideology is holding our entire society captive... everything we can achieve, all the inventions we have invented, all the sacrifies of the past... you are putting it all in danger so you can try your idiotic social ingeneering on society to turn it into what you wish were.

No, I don't give a **bleep** about your feminist "theories", your "ideas". Stop talking bullsh*it. Enough is enough. I'm not going to pay for something I never did. I'm not going to let you trick me into giving up my rights anymore. You are not shaming me into submission anymore. You did it in the past, quite skillfully, but the trick is getting old my dear.

Men are waking up. And as soon as we realize we don't owe you, we stop apologizing to you. The moment we stop apologizing to you, the game is over for you fembots. You can cry all you want, THE GAME IS OVER. We will stand tall and proud. We are about to show you what being strong and independent really means.

It is too bad I didn't start this blog a while ago and had already gone though most of my childhood stories. Because this rings so strongly with me because it is something I realized back in 4th grade with that radical feminist teacher I had. Why she had such a problem with me thoughout the 4th grade. You see, I too just like the man above realized I didn't owe white women a damn thing. I never apologized for being an "evil" male like the rest of my classmates did in silence. I didn't let her trick me into beliving I should have let certian white female classmates get away with anything they felt like because of some "past" injustice that all men have inflicted on all women.

Here is another one, A thread started by a man named "Antitirad"
Successful men follow their biological imperative and seek out a mate who is most likely to bear healthy children and look after and care for them. Yes, financial dependence figures into this because it gives the man some form of guarantee that she is more likely to stay with him. Remember, a successful man can do this precisely because he has choice due to his success and subsequently elevated status in society.

Successful women on the other hand have been duped by feminism to follow imperatives that are contrary to nature. Specifically, they have elevated their own status in society and thereby logically narrowed down their pool of potential mates. This is for the simple reason that women do in fact also follow their biological imperative in expecting to marry up - i.e. to marry a man who is of equal or higher status. This is where feminism leads women astray. Successful men as a generality are not interested in the achievements of women. Rather, as I pointed out above, they are interested in their capacity as supportive wives and caring mothers. Because of their success they are in fact able to choose the most desirable mate - which is a young, pretty woman. This is nothing more than biological imperative speaking, which feminism is so desperately trying to censor.

Conversely, nothing is stopping successful women from marrying down and choosing less successful men. Yet they don't - and in so doing expose their own biological/sexual biases. Thanks to feminism these women have actively and consciously rebelled against reality and against nature by shrinking their pool of potential mates and, having done so, blame "insecure men" for a situation which these women themselves have caused.

Thankfully we still live in a free society where people are largely free to make their own choices regarding the lives they wish to lead. This is of course yet another aspect of life that feminism wants to censor by brainwashing men into subordinance from childhood. But in the end, biology trumps ideology; just as the Soviet Union fell because of unrealistic expecations of communism, so feminism will fall in the long run because it is incompatible with nature and the biological/instinctive aspect of humanity.
Blaming insecure men for a situation they themselves have caused, Seems to be the story of all women everywhere. Another focus point in what he said was how men don't really care about a womans achievements like women do for men. He didn't get into it there but this is why I belive so many women complain about how men don't want "strong career women because they are weak and scared" They are so sure that based only on the fact that they have such good careers, That men should be jumping at trying to get with them. It is projection. They are projecting their own wants and what they find attractive about men themselves onto us. It is women who jump at men with good careers. Men could careless. They don't understand this basic fact and thus, They yell kick and scream and cry about how they can't find a man they want. It doesn't occur to them to date a man with a lower status than they. Yet men at their own status level go for more attractive and younger women without the jobs.
It is very easy to understand why this happens. But as that user pointed out. Feminist rather censor the real reason and just blame it on men who don't want them.

Which is another thing I don't understand. So many women love to say how independant they are and how they do not need men. So why do they get so angry when a man says they do not want them? I have had it drummed into me that marriage was such an evil thing to feminist in the fouth grade that I would figure women espically feminist would avoid it. Yet they still want it.

Last one by user "LL"

it really amazes me how some women here 'demand' an apology like it was their (god given) natural right that, even when a study is shown to have scientific merit, it shouldn't even be shown because it (god forbid) would criticise some women. And we just can't have that, now, can we? Oh, but when men are attacked in the most vicious ways possible from the media and society, then it is perfectly allowed by these same people who personally insult the author of this article. Honestly, who do these women think they are???
What they are is easy. They are white feminist women who want as much as they can take and will take as much as they are allowed too. As simple as that.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

"Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing"

Fourth grade was my first year "out of the ghetto" away from all of my relatives. Nice apartment in a decent middle class area. First noticeable thing was the fact the street I lived on was clean. No spraypainted walls or empty 40oz bottles around and no grownup men sitting around yelling, cursing, fighting and playing cards/dominos. I made friends with some of the local kids pretty quickly who didn't steal my books or bully me around. Shit was going pretty good, I was starting to see why my mom was looking forward to moving to this place so badly. Then I started school and it went downhill from there. Fouth grade was what started my "Misogynistic" viewpoints that got me to where I am today.

The teacher I had was an Older white woman who was a complete radical and racist feminist. I should have known what kind of year that was going to turn out to be from the very first hour I was in her class. Where she stood up claimed she was going to be watching us boys extra carefully to make sure we would behave in class and to not mistreat the girls. I shrugged it off at the time since I had no clue somebody would discriminate based on gender and not my color. I was well aware of racial bias but never had to understand sexism. Yes this woman was sexist and hardly hid it yet, Nobody seemed to mind. It was as if a woman showing sexism and discrimation towards boys was "fair". That year was when I realized, All the way back then as a youngin that "Feminism" wasn't about equality. It was about white women being allowed to flex some power.

The white girls in my class picked up on this quick. They learned they could get away with nearly anything espcially if they just blamed one of the boys. This quickly turned into them figuring out they could get away with WORSE if they blamed some of the few blacks/mexican boys. Notice I distinctly said "white girls" as the only group who got the favored treatment or at least made sure to use it to the fullest. None of the other girls of other races seemed to have the same venom and glee of making life hell for people as the white girls did. Something that as I grew up I would find to be the general rule. White women love emotional terrorism and are great emotional manipulators. That is thier power and privilege and they know it and worse THEY ABUSE IT. I almost find it amazing how perfect they have the act down. They can turn into the worlds weakest, frailest of the frail and seem like the perfect victims. They then can get others to act on thier behalf. Mostly white men who fall for this hook line and sinker.

The same as when a white woman would be caught having an affair in the 1920s with a black male. Instead of taking responsiblity just say "The nigger raped me" and cry a bit. White men would gather up said negro and a few of his friends "just to make a point" and hang them from a tree. White woman goes on about life completly happy and uncaring as to what she just did afterall. She got away with it. Similar things still happen nowadays. They may not hang him from a tree on her say so but they will send him to jail on her say so. But I'll save that rant for another blog post, Let me get back to the that fourth grade year.

About a month into the school year, A group of popular and pretty white girls were the first to demonstrate their sociopathic tendencies. During lunch I sat at the next bench near them and overheard their plan to get a boy beat up just for the sake of doing it. They just didn't like the kid as he never did anything to them. They convinced 3 boys to do thier dirty work by...They way white girls get anything they need from others, By crying a bit. Saying this poor boy harassed them and called them names. Without a second thought these kids went and beat the hell out of the boy.

The girls just laughed......
Worse yet None of them got in trouble. The guys claimed they did it because he was being a mean to those girls and the teachers including the one mentioned before ate it up especially when the girls confirmed it for them. They got away with it and laughed about it. I tried to say what REALLY happened and what I overheard and was told to stop lying and I got in trouble for it. Isn't that something, I had to spend the next days recess in class for attempting to tell the truth.

No good deed goes unpunished the quote goes and it is true, As me trying to get those girls in trouble just turned their attention on me.......

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Leaving the "Ghetto", Family Memories part 2

As I said in my last entry, My relatives hated the idea that me and my mother were better, More intelligent than they are. Most of my aunts were on welfare sometimes picking up random thugs who would live with them with no job. My mother had me at the age of 15 and was on welfare just like them. My relatives seemed content as she for a time seemed just like them. Teenager on welfare who will probably keep popping out babies with thugs just like they all did/were doing. Except she didn't do anything of the sort. After she got her GED she went straight into college and they made sure to try everything in thier power to get her to stop. They would refuse to watch me unless she gave them money. They constantly would tell her she would fail to give up it is a waste of time a degree doesn't mean anything. But she managed to do it.

Amazing how much abuse they loved to sling our way for daring to actually try to succeed. It wasn't just our relatives either. All of the friends my aunts had thought the same way. When we were around they would give dirty looks to my mother. When they saw me playing with thier kids they would roll thier eyes. They too, Would echo the "uncle toms" and "oreo" comments of my aunts. These attitudes of the parents would transfer straight to the kids as well. They would bully me when we played together. It is the reason why I would often read or do something else rather than play with them. At least, While I could before an adult would come over and take my book away or take whatever it was I was doing away and say something like "Stop reading and go play ball with the other boys. Sometimes adding in the words "homo, fag and pussy" somewhere in the sentence.

Some of thier favorite things to do would be to take my books and hide them or toss them in some random place around the nieghborhood. Use me as a target for boxing practice.... Sometimes without their gloves. Exra rough on me when they had a chance at any sort of contact sport we did. I was a prime target for them. Afterall, They go home to thier mothers who do nothing but slander me and my mother why would they end up respecting me at all?

I was glad when my mom told me we were going to move away.
My mom managed to graduate and found a decent paying job, Instead of family members being happy for one of thier relatives moving to a better, safer place. They instead demanded money out of my mothers paycheck. When she never gave them any[we had none to give, We weren't rolling in the cash or nothing] they bitched instead and called us "uppity negros"

Not that much changed for the better moving away from my relatives. While though the years we saw less and less of them. I ended up having to get used to a different set of new problems......

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Family Memories,

When I was younger nearly my whole extended family lived within a few block radius of each other. Nearly all of them on welfare and ignorant as hell. Dispite having such a large amount of family in such a close proximity to us me and my mother were always treated as somewhat outcast.
We acted different, We talked different, We had different interest and different goals in life. Later in life it became clear that the main difference was intelligence.

We were smarter than them and they hated the idea. They would say quite often that we acted "white" on many occasions. I belive it was more of a code word for "intelligent" now. when we did things they deemed "white" we were actually doing something that showed we had intelligence. When we "talked white" we were actually speaking with a decent grasp of the english language. They wished us to be as ignorant as possible.

Indeed, My childhood is full of times when my relatives would try to dumb me down to the level of thier kids. They would pressure my mother to stop doing anything that would promote what they deemed "Too White". Buy him some toys and clothes instead of buying him the books he want. Stop making him stay in and do homework after school let him just play with the rest of the kids. Sometimes they would get though to my naive mother or at the very least she would give in to get them to leave her alone.

One of those times being when my school wanted to put me in a magnet school that had a gifted class. Going into the second grade I was already reading books meant for kids who were 3-4 years older than I was. My relatives had a shit fit at the idea that I would be going to some "white neighborhood" at thier school and moved in to make sure my mother didn't send me there. Saying I would be surrounded by racist who would pick on me. Saying that they didn't want me because I was "smart" or gifted in anyway but just wanted a token negro kid. They even said I seemed "white enough" and sending me there would turn me into a full fledge "Oreo"[Black on the outside white on the inside...] or uncle tom. They harassed my mother more than they ever had. So she relented, Something she says she regrets to this very day. They won.

During the time mom would go to school[they also got on her plenty of times about going to college]I had to stay with an aunt and use to hate it. When I was younger I had good habits about doing my homework. I got yelled at for doing it right away instead of putting it aside and not doing any of it like her kids. Once she even ripped up a new Encyclopedia brown book my mom had bought for me since I wanted to read it instead of playing nintendo. Saying "Stop being a fag and go play with your cousins".

Something that ended up being said quite a bit during childhood.

An introduction...

First time blogger, A friend suggested I put up one of these and start publishing my thoughts out on the internet since it is the "Thing" to do. Personally I think he is just sick of hearing about my anti-feminist/anti-white woman rants. Rants against my problems with the current decline of black culture. America and just my bitching about the problems of life in general.

I'm not a self named "misogynist" for the record. I actually like women. Just don't like the bullshit that often comes with them. I picked that name for this blog as a nod at an inside joke among my friends who gave me that nickname due to a one of my rants causing somebody to blow their top once. So I am only half serious with the name.

A young 24 year old black male living in Southern california getting sick of......well, nearly everything. A small corner of the internet to air my dirty laundry so to speak. Who knows, Maybe somebody who thinks like I do will find this place.