Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Why White women hate Asian women.

First off, Merry Christmas to the 6 of you who read this blog according to my stat counter. :)

I touched on this subject in an entry last month and now I am going to expand on it. Anybody who has ever heard a Black woman rant and rave about how white women "steal" all the good successful black men away. Well, It is basically the same situation here with Asians and White girls.

More and more white women are running off with the morons while young hot and dumb and after they are done they hope/pray and expect a straight edge guy with his life together to sorta come by and pick them up and most often their fatherless kids as well. The term that best describes these guys is "Captain save-a-ho." Problem nowadays is that those guys who would have played that role are being met and picked up by Asian women in droves especially foreign born ones or ones from real traditional families that are born here.

First came across this hate a few years back as a teenager working in a Wendy's. A late 20 something year old white woman who still looked great for her age was complaining about a man she had set her sights on. Seemed she knew him from a few years back and she knew he had a thing for her but she wasn't interested. Now she was all of a sudden for you see. She had a kid by some thug and had to work in a fast food restaurant as a second job to get enough money. While said guy worked some odd job in a law firm making plenty of money. But didn't seem to be showing the same interest he once did.

If that sounds familiar to those six readers who come here. It is because of
this blog entry. Seems to be the norm eh? A few days later her hopes were dashed however and she ended up sad and a few female coworkers were consoling her. He wasn't interested in her anymore because he was already involved with an Asian woman. Turns out she wasn't alone in this as all of a sudden multiple girls started giving her their own experiences of evil Asian women dashing their hopes for a good man. One even at the young age of 18. The thought that perhaps she should have dated him before instead of the thug she did and got pregnant by didn't cross her mind. Wasn't her fault she wanted an exciting bad boy. But it was that Asian woman's fault for picking the nice guy with his life together.

A few years later in college I'd run into the Asian hate once again. This time by a group of racist feminist while on a group lab project. Don't even remember how the subject came up. But the bigotry flowed. With the blanket idea that all Asian women are ignorant and weak willed, poor, Horny sluts and prostitutes. Then there was the so similar story of some guy who was doing well that one was dating. She claimed that he dumped her and is now going to marry a Chinese girl who couldn't speak English because she was that stupid[because only intelligent people know English?]

What got me was the reason she claimed he broke it off with her.
"He couldn't handle me because I am too strong and independent. What a weak sexist pig to go with some weak slutty chink girl he can dominate and oppress."

WOAH, Isn't that some shit. The near exact excuse Black women use to explain away black men who date white women.
It is bullshit for Black women and it is just as bullshit coming out of their mouths.
On a forum I witnessed an argument over a guy saying he used a dating website to find his wife of then going on 4 years. A few women launched into how much of a loser he had to be that he had to look overseas for a wife. He admitted that in a way it was true. He did it because a friend used the same agency and his marriage looked great while he couldn't get a date.
Ready for some deja vu? He started telling everybody his past dating life. Technically they were right he was a loser to women around him. He is an unimposing guy and was shy. No "edge" to him that domestic women his age wanted. So he was snubbed over and over and over again. Till he met somebody else with the same problem who solved it by getting an attractive loyal Thai who didn't mind that he didn't know how to play any sort of dating game.

That is the real difference it seems. A lot of Asian women seem to look past the silly games and don't mind a guy that just treats her well. They directly pick up the captain save-a-ho and bypass the stupid shit other women are doing. So he asked all the women complaining. What should he have done? Stayed alone and dateless till some woman any woman would have him? If no American woman wanted him then why can't he find an attractive Filipino girl who did want him? Their answer? One was bold and actually said yes, He should've stayed alone. One said he was a weak man who only did it because he couldn't handle the strength of Modern women.
Another woman gave an interesting answer. That he should have waited longer. Why? Here comes some more deja vu. Because the way he is NOW he would have been able to attract many American women. Why? Because he would have been dealing with older more mature women and that is when they want nice decent men like him who have his life together. Indeed he did have a good job and had quite a nice house.

That is the bottom line folks. That is the reason more white women are jumping on the "I hate Asian women" bandwagon. Because Asian women are swooping in and picking up the guys white women are trying to save for later. They are fast losing their place as the most wanted type of female that they have enjoyed for the longest of time. White women just like black women are spending too much time with the wrong type of men. Then get angry when the decent men are picked up by others and they are stuck with more losers.

Unlike black women however, White women actually have political power here in the states and they are too bratty and spoiled to just accept this.
Soon I am sure there is going to be a law passed that somehow stops men from finding Asian wives and bringing them here. Or at the very least attempt to shut down the websites that help men do it.