Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Norbit.........I hope this movie bombs.

Basically, Nerdy wimpy emasculated black man gets bossed around by big fat angry ghetto loud obnoxious black woman. Enter beautiful woman and nerdy wimpy emasculated black man has to scheme to get rid of the overbearing loud fat black woman.
Sounds awesome doesn't it? It gets even better, Eddie Murphy yet again is playing another woman.

Seems to be his and a few other black actors forte now. Playing the loud fat black women stereotype like a bunch of stupid drag queens.
I always hope these crappy movies full of black stereotypes that the ignorant folks can all laugh at and the American media can further warp everybodies sense of racial stereotypes in the name of the all loving dollar. Every time I see movies like this I hope they bomb completely so Hollywood can stop with these bullshit movies.

Hey, I got a movie idea, How about a movie with Black Americans that all act "normal" instead of loud and ghetto?
Nah, That shit wouldn't make any money.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Yes this is a Jealousy filled rant, So the fuck what?

One of my cousins is getting married next month and on New Years eve I finally got to meet his new bride. She is pretty good looking and seemed like an overall kind and decent woman. Which isn't surprising at all since that is all he pretty much dates. My cousin is one of those guys that has never been unattached to a woman at any given moment. An obvious great catch it seems like since he always has all these top notch women[and even more lower rung ones] fighting over him. You see, they usually find out about each other while he is dating/fucking three or four of them at a time.

Now, I am sure those of you reading this must be thinking he is some sort of stud. Must have his life together.Must be very attractive. Must have damn good game to be such a player. Well you are wrong, Or at least in my eyes you would be wrong as it seems women believe he is such a great catch. Here is the rundown

Never finished high school
Isn't even attempting to seek better employment and is content with his near minimum wage job and selling drugs for money.
The money he does get. He blows on beer, drugs, expensive clothes and jewelery and more drugs.
Has been in and out of jail. With most of those being from BEATING THE HELL OUT OF HIS GIRLFRIENDS. His last one was a felony for trying to stab somebody.
Has been kicked out of 2 apartments for not paying rent and has had utilities turned off. But has never missed a payment for whatever giant SUV he is leasing at the time.
He has no manners. Zero. None.
He is damn selfish and cares about no one but himself.
Has 5 kids by 3 different women not including his soon to be wife..... Or at least that is how many he knows about

All of this yet all these women just throw themselves at him. They seriously, Seriously fight over his dick and this one finally won him over and she BRAGS about that fact. Claims he is actually going to settle down. Not cheat on her again(yes, he promised not to do it "again") and make a family with her and both their daughters(she was a single mom.)

I must say, It has me jealous, Has had me jealous since the beginning of the month. Why? because somehow to women I am not worth the time and I am an automatic and complete loser despite having a college degree. A good job. A nice sum saved up. Law abiding. Respectful. Avoids drugs. Financially responsible and don't beat up my girlfriends at the drop of a hat.

It is insane that any man who has no problem turning to somebody he is suppose to love.... and this really happened by the way, Tell them "Bitch get me a beer dammit" or can fly off the handle and break a woman's jaw because he is so angry that he can't find a ring he wants to wear(yes that was a reason he beat up one of his girlfriends)

What the fuck is wrong with people? It doesn't even make basic sense that this man is so looked up too. That he is so damn sought after despite having ZERO to offer. He has actually snatched a woman right from me. After the first date I tried to get a kiss and was denied. She claimed she likes to get to know guys before getting physical and that she wanted to date more before taking that step. Went on 4 more dates before she met him once at a family bbq. After an hour she ended up leaving with him and fucked him multiple times that day/night. She actually wanted to keep it a secret and keep "dating" me. Did, dated a few more times and the only thing we ever did physically was kiss as she claimed she likes to "wait"

It was a month later before he told me. In a span of an hour is all it took for him. Me? 3 months.
In case any of you are thinking "Well it is a good thing he told you, He did you a favor"
Well in a weird sense he might have. But the reason he told was because his mother was on one of her rants about how worthless he is and how he should make something of himself "like Black Misogynist has" (No thanks to her trying to make sure I didn't all my life) and he decided to snap back by saying how much of a loser I am since I get no play from my woman that he fucked over and over and over again and even decided to do a graphic play by play(seems she was hella freaky.)
Him? He is good enough to fuck over and over and over again thoughout a day and night. Worth letting him plow your ass then whip the shit on your face before you stick it back in your mouth(told you she was freaky)
Me? I am a loser who has to take you to dates that run up to 100 dollars before I even so much get a kiss. I have to offer the world and any other whim to even get attention.

I have to wonder if it is just San Diego that is fucked up or is it like this no matter where you go. Reality is assbackwards.