Monday, November 20, 2006

Just confirms my beliefs.

As I said in my blog post from September.

One of the biggest reasons that black america is in such dumps has to be
how it has become culturally accepted to be a, For a lack of a better phrase, "A
dumb nigger" in the strictly stereotypical way.

I now present Exhibit A... "Fry That Chicken"

Some people will say "It is just a joke don't take it so seriously" but really think about that video.
Had that been put together by somebody white hell would have frozen over. So why is it all of a sudden A-OK when somebody black does something that is still damned offensive. It is time to start holding ourselves to some sort of standard. Start giving a damn about what sort of image we are sending to our black youth.
Otherwise shit won't change.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Nobody was bothered enough to call the cops.......

I didn't get much sleep last night.
I am sure most of my neighbors didn't either. None of us have the past few months.

There is this couple, An interracial couple that every other night either have insanely loud sex-a-thons at night or he is beating the hell out of her. Yes, Beating the hell out of her no exaggeration on my part.

The woman is white, attractive, middle class career gal and her man is a tattooed gang banging thug. She could do better easily if she really wanted to and everybody around here knows it and most of all SHE knows it. But she is with the guy she *wants. Now, when I explain what I am about to explain to most people jump on my case hard. I have to be wrong it is such the wrong way to look at it she is a victim. She isn't with that thug because she wants him he must mess with her head and make her feel bad about herself so she stays because she thinks she can't get another...
Now, In some cases I am sure that is true. It can be true if it is a woman with a rich man armed with a prenup. Using the threat of losing the security his money can provide her to keep her in an abusive relationship. If the woman is ugly and fat and doesn't get much male attention can fall victim to that.

But there are times, Plenty of times when a woman is in an abusive relationship because that is what she wants. Not because she has some sort of head problems or self-esteem issues. It is the "chicks dig assholes" taken to an extreme. I know this because on three different occasions I have seen decent well off men try talk to her only to have her blow them off completely. One time she did it unnecessarily harsh saying "You aren't even worth talking to loser" with a completely exaggerated eye roll after the man tried to making small talk in the laundry room.

Why would a woman who doesn't have any sort of mental issues blow off decent nice guys for a gang banger thug? Because it seems the new trend of desirable guy has become one who has to have some sort of exciting "edginess" to him. That is why, Despite the first 2-3 times her boyfriend has beat the hell out of her and was taken away by police he was right back there barely a week later[the first time just a day or two later] then mark his return with another loud sex-a-thon with her screaming I love you so much that very night.

Now, This isn't about "nice guy vs jerk asshole guy" no no. "Nice guys" can pick up women easy in San Diego. The difference is that they can't be or even give off the impression that they are just all around decent moral upstanding men. It is fine to be nice at *times* but I see you need to shock them every so often. Sending them on highs and lows throughout the relationship so they have something to cry about. Same with that woman. The excitement of having a dangerous thug around her turns her on. She gets her lows when he beats the hell out of her and gets her highs from seeing him harass and show his "strength" when he is bulling neighbors and others around her. It is edgy and hot to her. Being a decent normal guy is not.
Now, I'll admit this is an extreme case of it as normally being a loud drunken fool with self important swagger can often be enough for those who want to kinda sorta want something with an edge without being too dangerous for her.

Regardless, I see this becoming the standard in the dating game in San Diego if you want a young attractive woman. I see tons of decent hardworking guys who are respectful not get shit unless it is from a woman who needs saving. To steal a phrase I've heard on the radio before. He gets nothing unless he decides to play "Captain save-a-ho"
Well, Unless he is white and decides to go Asian who for the most part seem to be the only ones left who will date interracially(plenty of Mexican girls don't mind decent hardworking Mexican guys... most don't date other races however) and still are attracted to decent men while they are in their best years.
Just like the "loser" decent guy from that laundry room. He went Asian. Cute Vietnamese girl lives with him and has for the past 6months.
The man who was told "he wasn't worth talking to" because he was such a loser. Is a soft spoken decent looking guy who in a few years I am sure will be living it up in La Jolla with a good job and Vietnamese wife.
Few years from now I am sure he is going to be another guy all the white girls will hate to death for "going Asian." Which is becoming all the rage here in San Diego amongst the women who need a captain save-a-ho.
But the captains are gone. Either becoming jaded dicks or finding the Asian fobs who are studying from other countries at one of the universities here.

Young women who "need" that edginess are just fucking it up for themselves really. As decent moral people who know that mindset is pure idiocy are fast starting to not care. Just as nobody bothered to call the police for the 5th,6th,7th, time last night[lost count] and most decent guys are starting to not care enough to be the captain save-a-hos when they need them.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Sorry. Yes I am worth a lot now.

Picking up where I left off 2 months ago....Heh.

I'll start this entry off with a paraphrased bit of conversation with an old crush from high school.

[old-crush] Wow so you work as a ******. That must pay well. Now I see why
you have a nice car!
[Black-M] Um... It pays enough to pay the bills.
[old-crush]That and paying for nice dates. I am sure you must have tons and
tons of dates.. [awkward pause]..right?
[Black-M stares blankly] ....not
really no......
[old-crush can't hide her excitement] Oh, That is too
bad! Hey you want to
do something this weekend? We can catch up with each
other more or something!
[Black-M] Maybe, Depends on what I'm doing.....
Anyway I gotta go.

I am sure some people would read that and think "You're so dumb! She totally wanted you and you use to have a crush on her right? You have a chance with her now" Indeed, She was pretty damn transparent. Thing is she is just one of quite a few girls from high school this past year who are started to roll around and all of a sudden start dropping hints and some of them I indeed were attracted to in high school and would ask them out.

Here is where the rant starts. You see it isn't a coincidence that this only started to happen this year. People talk especially over myspace and now that I have my life together and I am making plenty of money. All of a sudden high school girls who rejected me hard 6-7 years are making an effort to come talk to me and very quickly the "lets catch up chat" turns into "I heard you had a crush on me in high school/Remember when you asked me out" to "I just dumped my last boyfriend he was such a jerk" "Hey, You aren't dating anybody right now and neither am I..." Now don't get the wrong idea, This isn't about how they rejected me years before. What gets me is the fact that each one of them are all from the same mold.

They have gained nearly 100 pounds since high school. They all have at least one kid and one had 2 and one more on the way.....Yes, Pregnant with a child and trying to steer the conversation into "dating" after 10 minutes prior telling me the father of her baby on the way is in prison. Not only are they all become fat and already have children. They are all broke, Poor and in debt. Then among the first topic that gets brought up is my job and how much money I am making. Then about how many "jerk" and "loser" men they have been meeting.... Then about what a nice and good guy I was.Then ask about some gossip they heard about my dating habits and a general shakedown on my love life.... Then the flirting starts.

How fucking offensive. When they are broke, When they have lost their attractiveness and they are still living with their parents with their fatherless children. That is when I am finally "desirable" eh? Worse yet, They ALL get offended when I am not jumping at the chance to wine and dine them. I've got quite a few ear fulls of bitching about how I blew them off. A few got it right however. While they were complaining about how much of an asshole I was since I was doing so well and they aren't I must think I am better than they are now. Yes, That was it 100 percent. Why shouldn't I? They decided to mess around with losers the past 5-6 years. Now at the age of 24-25, Their parents are sick of them in their house still. Father of their children are in jail. They don't make enough on welfare/low wage job. Then they feel those same men they looked down on for not being aggressive enough, Attractive enough or just didn't have that charisma 5-6 years ago that their thug boyfriends had. Who instead focused on getting their life together while they sat on the sidelines. When I explain this out their only response was always "Wow so you are bitter." No, That isn't it all. I just know my worth. Not that my worth mattered to these women.

Women who complain about how they only can find "losers" for men only have to look at themselves. They spent their most attractive years chasing after no future thugs then expect "decent" guys to come pick them up after they have been used up. After they have 3 kids by 2 different fathers. After they have become fat. Save them from welfare or a low wage job so they can be lazy at home with a better and bigger house.

No thanks. I'm worth more than that.