Monday, June 25, 2007


The site Won't be getting anymore updates.

Use to be one of the first sites I would hit up when I got home and jumped online.

Hopefully good luck goes that mans way.

Saturday, June 23, 2007


Good ol' Juneteenth.

On a day that is suppose to celebrate when slaves finally got word that they were free…and they decide to pick fights and jump on top of cars breaking them (search youtube) kill a man who was in a car that had hit a child (who ended up only with minor injuries) and just outright start shooting people?

What the fuck?
I’ve read about this on a few other blogs and have caught the stories on some news stations and both seem to have one of two approaches to talking about this.
1- They don’t touch the irony of it at all and just dance around it the whole time.
2- They use the opportunity to vent their closet racism.
The end.

I expected as much. There has been a concentrated effort to stifle any sort of real and constructive conversation on anything affecting the black community negatively. While everybody mostly associates that effort to liberal black activist leaders (sharpton and such) but the truth is that are really just useful lackeys. None of them are the ones who control the media and decide what gets pushed in what sort of way.

All of those Juneteenth incidents are just the latest crap out there that should be causing a constructive dialog on just what the hell is up with young adult blacks in America to happen.

The thing that I am worried about is that things seem to be getting worse and worse. Eventually it is going to hit a boiling point where everybody comes out and just get outright sick of it. Sick of the gang violence, Displays of downright ignorance and decide that all the “racism is bad” mindset is bullshit and shit is going to turn back into something similar into pre-1960s race relation wise.

Worse yet is that most other blacks seem content to follow along with ignoring the issues completely. Everybody had some shit to say about the Don Imus controversy (including somehow managing to blame hiphop) and that went on for days and days. Hyped up as some sort of shining example of the issues blacks face. Yet when bill cosby drops something real? He is quickly shunned, called senile and irrelevant and the media quickly finds something else to talk about.

***Puts on tin foil hat***
Time to get conspiracy theory on yall asses. Want to know why any sort of constructive dialog on how to fix the issues within the black community just doesn’t happen? It is because they don’t want them to be fixed. They, being those who wanted a quick resolution to the civil rights movement without black america truly rising up and bettering ourselves. Most of the current liberal black activists were in tight with Martin Luther King. If you take some time to actually research a lot of his speeches and his dreams for the black community you’ll find that a lot of the things he wanted for blacks, Actually get blacks dragged though the mud by the modern media. He wanted an equal opportunity for blacks. He wanted his grandchildren to have a chance to go to a good school, study and get into a good college without the color of their skin hindering them. To get in on their own merit and hard work not expecting free handouts. He preached against black on black violence and demanded those in black neighborhoods to put in the effort to clean up their neighborhoods. Not whine about why the government or the state doesn’t come do it for them. He made it a point to point out bad black behavior and the need to take responsibility and fix them.
So, Why is it that now when bill cosby says the same shit nobody wants to pay attention? What happened to those who worked close with him who now don’t bother calling out bad behavior within the black community beyond little red herrings? (Such as blaming it all on hiphop)

Well, How about this explanation. MLK got assassinated those responsible got told to get with the new program and scared/bribed them into keeping in line. That or at the very least they realized what was going on when all the other positive and charismatic leaders were ending up killed with plenty of signs pointing to it being government setups.
I am pretty sure everybody has heard of the black panthers. Nowadays when you think of the black panthers you think of a black supremacy group along the same lines of the KKK who were violent and radical.
This is wrong. I had an uncle (rip) who was in that group and he told me what they really were like and about. Guess what? They actually set up groups to help young blacks study and get their grades up. Created community outreach programs to provide positive role models to fatherless young black children (that was when it was starting to happen and get out of control) they went right up against youth violence and were actually getting the crime rates down in Oakland while they were at the height of popularity. They were strongly for strong families and for education and not relying on government welfare. They were making the ghettos of Oakland better and better. They were getting drug abuse rates down and helping those stay clean. They helped brothers get jobs and start their own businesses.

So what happened? The CIA, The FBI and the local police decided enough was enough and started doing shit to discredit the black panthers. Propaganda started to be run in the media about them and spun speeches into about how they were about violent black separatism. When there was violence in a black neighborhood the news outlets said it was caused by the black panthers. All working together to try their hardest to discredit them and stop Newton(one of the founders) from becoming another MLK.
Why? He was solving the problems that to this day plague us to this day. Yet the police would purposely bait the panthers and provoke them by randomly rolling into black neighborhoods and harassing residents knowing they would come to protect them and made sure the cameras were rolling.

Easy, They didn’t want him to. That simple. Thus they had him killed to eliminate the problem. The whole “drug deal gone bad” was just a farce on the media’s part and plenty of people know that the whole thing was just a set up.
This is something that is going to happen to happen to any black American with the charisma to effect positive change. This is why Bill Cosby was dragged though the mud by the media and their black activist lackeys making sure nobody listen to them. Why others who don’t keep the same politically correct line of thinking get called whitewashed and uncle tom and such. That is why I view anybody black using those types of words are doing nothing but helping along the plan. Using other blacks to keep blacks in check. Every time everybody jumps on the bandwagon for the latest lynching of somebody white who says or does something minor is helping along the plan. Hyping those moments up as society fighting back against racism. You know, the same racism they claim is keeping us in poverty. (not the lack of motivation and contentment in mooching off welfare) The same racism that is keeping us out of colleges (not the fact that many view hard work ethic in education as selling out and that the media plays a role in perpetuating that)

Now, None of this is to say that there isn’t racism out there. Blacks do indeed have to work twice as hard to get anywhere in this country and to get respect.
However, Too many look at that fact and give up. Mostly because they are barraged by propaganda telling them to give up all though their lives. That it isn’t either their fault but others fault so don’t bother to try till it stops. But don’t worry it will end soon because we are getting right on fixing that racism issue! Oh yea, Somebody white said something a tad bit non PC and here is Al sharpton to tell you why that small non pc slip is responsible for all of your ills in life.

Sad shit.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Just a few.......

A few quick rants this time around.

#1 - Just because I don't act like the black stereotype doesn't mean I am an uncle tom.

This isn't directed at other blacks this time. No, This is towards white people.
Why is it that whenever you find out that I don't listen to hip hop. Don't use any slang when I speak and think Jesse Jackson is a crook and Al sharpton is a media whore you quickly start acting like I am an uncle tom? Willing to be a fucking sidekick to you and your group of friends who will laugh and say "HA HA YOU ARE ALL SO RIGHT ON HA HA HA HA HA" whenever you start going on about how much you don't like blacks? Right before you make sure to remind me that "You don't mean me, I am different from the others!"

Seriously, I got this a few times when the Don Imus thing happened. Regardless of what the media tries to portray, Al sharpton doesn't speak for Black America. So, just because I take his word as gospel doesn't mean I am somehow "less black" than those who do. I don't want or need to hear about how much you think black people commit too many crimes and hate all black people who say racism does exist, about how stupid you think it is that all black people care about “rims.” About how some random black just happened to use the race card on you and how damned wrong it was.
Considering how just five minutes ago you were telling me how so many black people you run across “smell bad” he just might have had a point.
Also cute how when I do get offended by it you proclaim “Gee Mr. BM I guess I was wrong I thought you were not like the rest of them”


#2 – Attention all fat white women. Not all black men want you. Deal with it and move on.

Seriously. I seem to get two attitudes from them. They either expecting me to be all over them then get mad when I don’t. Or they turn on the bitch shield full blast to try to “deter” me from hitting on them.
I am at the point where I am going to stop trying to be diplomatic about it next time you try to send a friend to come talk to me for you. Only to then get fuming mad when I turn you down and try to explain to me about how I am such a dick for leading you on.
No, I wasn’t leading you on or hitting on you that is called being polite and respectful you damn whale. Yes, I am nice enough to not automatically snub you hardcore like everybody else does. Don’t take that as me wanting to put my penis in you.
Oh what was that? Oh I must be a shallow prick like “all the other men out there” you say? I should learn to look past looks you say?
Sure ok, How about you go date that fat white star wars nerd over there who is a bad dresser, just as overweight as you are. What? Not interested? Why he might be a great guy and you aren’t the shallow type right? Oh, guess that was bullshit huh. Way to complain about shallowness when you are the one who is 150 pounds overweight trying to chase after guys who are in shape and have great jobs and ignore others based on criteria that is just as shallow. But it isn’t all their fault. Which leads me to…..

#3 – To the black men who have their shit together and chase the fattest, grossest, white girls. Why?

Now, I can understand why the jobless thugs in there 30s and 40s who are no more fun to anybody else and thus are no longer wanted except by desperate fat white women. However, I am seeing way to many black men out there who are in shape and are attractive. Should have no issue with finding other women with their shit together. Shacking up with 300 pound white women? They don’t particularly seem like they are that compatible and don’t seem that passionate outside of very public displays that seem to be more for other people to see than actual real passion. It is almost as if they are only with her for attention.
What kind of attention it is they are seeking? I have no fucking clue. Most of the time it can't be because he just loves her personality. Since often times she is either bitchy and demanding or just a lazy simpleton.

That is all for now. But I have a few other topics I am going to be putting up so unlike the last few post. There isn't going to be a two month wait for something new to read >_>

Friday, April 06, 2007


A co-worker has been in the process of divorcing her husband for the past few months. Since you can't really avoid hearing the latest gossip without getting a referral from your friendly HR department(who knew brushing fellow employees off to focus on work was a bad thing?) I've had no choice but to know all about drama it is giving this woman. As somebody else I've told about this put it so well a few weeks back, " She almost makes you never want to marry doesn't it?"

Amen. You see, She is divorcing her husband not because he has been a bad husband or father but because she just doesn't want to be married to him anymore.
Yes. It seems that is all that is needed for a divorce nowadays. In fact, She never loved him to begin with he was just an easy way out and away from her parents when she was younger and he helped her though school. Now, Here is where the "amazing" part comes up. You would think everybody around her would see an issue with admitting that you married some guy out of convenience to yourself only.
Well, Only a few did. Most just nodded their heads in approval and how she is "doing" the right thing.

Can't really disagree with that however. It is the "right" thing to do. Would have been even more of the "right" thing to do if she never married him in the first place. How is the institution of marriage not considered nothing more than a joke at this point? Only a few guys can hear her story and think "that is so completely wrong" nowadays? Don't know about anybody else but it sure shows me my place in the scheme of things. Me, As a man. Is only really here to be used and make life easier for some woman? Worse yet is that people get shocked at the fact that I think it is bullshit. That is where my "misogynist" tag comes from?

I haven't even got to the worse part of it all.
She doesn't want him to pay child support for the kid that was born while they were married. If you noticed the wording I used you won't need to know why but I'll answer anyway. She is scared that he would have ask for a paternity test.
Yes, She doesn't think the kid is his. There was a time where that would have gave you a big ol' "whore" stamp on your forehead. But I guess times are changing as somebody actually tried to convince her to go ahead and try for child support anyway! On the basis that he is another of a father he still should take care of his daughter. Another one chimed in that she should give him a guilt trip if he tries to get a DNA test. After all he should have trust in her if he wasn't some "asshole" jerk. That he should WANT to pay. Not only for the kid he thinks is his. But also for the one she had before they got married. Yea, she was a single teenage mother when he married her. Knew each other throughout high school. Got together their senior year. His parents helped her get though college even. Hell of a scam she ran on that poor guy and his family.
I would bet good money that I already know what kind of guy he was back then and might still be now. Your standard understanding "nice guy" who probably stood at the sidelines while she got banged by the thug who knocked her up and finally got his chance afterwards and was happy for it. The fate of guys who show they give a shit it seems.

Amazing is it not? However blatant it seems to be. It is still wrong to point at times like this and say "This shows what marriage is really about now" yet you will still be ignored by the masses.
Indeed, Pointing out crap like this is where my "misogynist" tag came from. That is amazing. For something to be so blatant yet still not be acknowledged?
And people wonder why I don't see any true reason to get married.

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Norbit.........I hope this movie bombs.

Basically, Nerdy wimpy emasculated black man gets bossed around by big fat angry ghetto loud obnoxious black woman. Enter beautiful woman and nerdy wimpy emasculated black man has to scheme to get rid of the overbearing loud fat black woman.
Sounds awesome doesn't it? It gets even better, Eddie Murphy yet again is playing another woman.

Seems to be his and a few other black actors forte now. Playing the loud fat black women stereotype like a bunch of stupid drag queens.
I always hope these crappy movies full of black stereotypes that the ignorant folks can all laugh at and the American media can further warp everybodies sense of racial stereotypes in the name of the all loving dollar. Every time I see movies like this I hope they bomb completely so Hollywood can stop with these bullshit movies.

Hey, I got a movie idea, How about a movie with Black Americans that all act "normal" instead of loud and ghetto?
Nah, That shit wouldn't make any money.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Yes this is a Jealousy filled rant, So the fuck what?

One of my cousins is getting married next month and on New Years eve I finally got to meet his new bride. She is pretty good looking and seemed like an overall kind and decent woman. Which isn't surprising at all since that is all he pretty much dates. My cousin is one of those guys that has never been unattached to a woman at any given moment. An obvious great catch it seems like since he always has all these top notch women[and even more lower rung ones] fighting over him. You see, they usually find out about each other while he is dating/fucking three or four of them at a time.

Now, I am sure those of you reading this must be thinking he is some sort of stud. Must have his life together.Must be very attractive. Must have damn good game to be such a player. Well you are wrong, Or at least in my eyes you would be wrong as it seems women believe he is such a great catch. Here is the rundown

Never finished high school
Isn't even attempting to seek better employment and is content with his near minimum wage job and selling drugs for money.
The money he does get. He blows on beer, drugs, expensive clothes and jewelery and more drugs.
Has been in and out of jail. With most of those being from BEATING THE HELL OUT OF HIS GIRLFRIENDS. His last one was a felony for trying to stab somebody.
Has been kicked out of 2 apartments for not paying rent and has had utilities turned off. But has never missed a payment for whatever giant SUV he is leasing at the time.
He has no manners. Zero. None.
He is damn selfish and cares about no one but himself.
Has 5 kids by 3 different women not including his soon to be wife..... Or at least that is how many he knows about

All of this yet all these women just throw themselves at him. They seriously, Seriously fight over his dick and this one finally won him over and she BRAGS about that fact. Claims he is actually going to settle down. Not cheat on her again(yes, he promised not to do it "again") and make a family with her and both their daughters(she was a single mom.)

I must say, It has me jealous, Has had me jealous since the beginning of the month. Why? because somehow to women I am not worth the time and I am an automatic and complete loser despite having a college degree. A good job. A nice sum saved up. Law abiding. Respectful. Avoids drugs. Financially responsible and don't beat up my girlfriends at the drop of a hat.

It is insane that any man who has no problem turning to somebody he is suppose to love.... and this really happened by the way, Tell them "Bitch get me a beer dammit" or can fly off the handle and break a woman's jaw because he is so angry that he can't find a ring he wants to wear(yes that was a reason he beat up one of his girlfriends)

What the fuck is wrong with people? It doesn't even make basic sense that this man is so looked up too. That he is so damn sought after despite having ZERO to offer. He has actually snatched a woman right from me. After the first date I tried to get a kiss and was denied. She claimed she likes to get to know guys before getting physical and that she wanted to date more before taking that step. Went on 4 more dates before she met him once at a family bbq. After an hour she ended up leaving with him and fucked him multiple times that day/night. She actually wanted to keep it a secret and keep "dating" me. Did, dated a few more times and the only thing we ever did physically was kiss as she claimed she likes to "wait"

It was a month later before he told me. In a span of an hour is all it took for him. Me? 3 months.
In case any of you are thinking "Well it is a good thing he told you, He did you a favor"
Well in a weird sense he might have. But the reason he told was because his mother was on one of her rants about how worthless he is and how he should make something of himself "like Black Misogynist has" (No thanks to her trying to make sure I didn't all my life) and he decided to snap back by saying how much of a loser I am since I get no play from my woman that he fucked over and over and over again and even decided to do a graphic play by play(seems she was hella freaky.)
Him? He is good enough to fuck over and over and over again thoughout a day and night. Worth letting him plow your ass then whip the shit on your face before you stick it back in your mouth(told you she was freaky)
Me? I am a loser who has to take you to dates that run up to 100 dollars before I even so much get a kiss. I have to offer the world and any other whim to even get attention.

I have to wonder if it is just San Diego that is fucked up or is it like this no matter where you go. Reality is assbackwards.