Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The Black American Male.

One of the biggest reasons that black america is in such dumps has to be how it has become culturally accepted to be a, For a lack of a better phrase, "A dumb nigger" in the strictly stereotypical way. Even those in the middle/uppermiddle class neighborhood I lived in which meant they had no real reason to try to act "street" as they were out of the "ghetto". Those who do not conform to the stereotype get outcasted and become targets for bullies and general cruelty by their peers. As what happened in my younger days with my family and their close friends and the kids around the neighborhood. Worse yet so many "leaders" within the black community instead of trying to do something about it. Ignore it or just blame it all on white people... Which too many of them just accept the blame.

It also leads to an interesting double standard. Acknowledging and showcasing and praising hiphop culture doesn't lead to any sort of real backlash for whites as the idea of the 'black gangbanger" seems to have become part of the PC blame game. It is ok to say "That is just their culture so don't be ignorant and just accept it don't be racist" but to say "You know, Maybe it would be a better idea if a black guy cared more about education instead of bling" would cause somebody white their job.

It is as if there is a massive effort by people to make sure that street culture stays within the black community. Using the media as a big front to push such a mindset on everybody. Take Bill Cosby, Basically doing nothing more than saying "Hey, Go to school, being a drug dealer is bad, speak decent english instead of trying to be street" and every mainstream news outlet did NOTHING but downplay what he said and alluded that he was going crazy. Even our civil leaders did the same.

What was so bad about his message? I can think of one. If Black men took it to heart in big numbers those who are making money in the current street "pop-culture" that is in the mainstream media. Thats right, We are being sold a bill of goods so others can make money and get rich. Specifically, White rich Jewish men who are getting richer off sending black america to the trash. BET got bought out by Viacom[Jewish owned] and has been pushing that same bling culture only. It is also pushed by their other stations MTV and UPN, UPN with all of their crappy "black" sitcoms that push only certain ideas on what being a "black male" should be like. Complete with the black guy who is a complete "nerd" who speaks "white" who doesn't understand the latest "black" trends and listens to rock and roll. Who ends up the butt of the rest of the characters jokes and bullying as well as that one episode where they try to make him "cool" and "black" for his benefit.

While black women on a whole do better on the education and job front as it is just fine to protray a hard working and educated "sista" on TV and push it into mainstream culture[One of the very few things Feminism got right] they still fall for the same nonsense as black males. As they belive the concept and stereotype of black men they see in pop culture[pushed by white jewish men for money btw] and belive THAT is what is attractive. Thus, Even starting from a young age. A black boy who shows decent morals and works hard at his education and future is seem as a "loser" by black girls around him. Or at least till he makes a shit load of money since he managed to use his degree he worked hard at. Then he is sought after.

Young impressionable black boys don't have much of a chance.


byrdeye said...

Bingo. Blacks got tooled and pwned by Jews.

Some kneejerk sheep might call this observation "racist," but I call it racist to actively ignore consistent racial influences.

But, just look at the stats for Black American families from just after slavery to just after feminism:
1890: <20% single Black moms
1960s: 23% single Black moms
2000+: 70% single Black moms

Any questions?

Drifter said...

Here's how the story went.

Betty Friedman, a prominent feminist creates the idea that women are trapped in marriage because they are financially dependent on men. This turns into a feminist rampage to destroy marriage, but it can only be done by creating a financial alternative to marriage. The answers : divorce, child support and most significantly welfare.

Welfare affects the black population far more than the white population because the black population is poorer. Welfare is a way for paying black women to have children without getting married. Within 1 generation, the single black mom demographic soars and without a father figure, the sons follow the only moral code they know - "Might makes right". Within 2 generations these black sons fuelled by new drugs, create violent gangs and terrible social decay.

Meanwhile, the white population, too scared to point out any problem in the black community (at least in the media) celebrate the only modern icon of black culture left - rap. Rap, along with the violent criminal gangs, becomes celebrated on TV, and even more weirdly, white people start trying to emulate black gang culture.

Women, always ready to join the current fashion (and supported financially by welfare) end up chasing the thugs and loser boyfriends. Finally, companies desperate to become more racially equal comb the black community to increase their quotas. Having already employed the hard working good black men and women, they have a choice between male gangbangers or female single mothers. Unsurprisingly, they pick the black women.

In my opinion, the only way to reverse the entire process would be to cut off welfare. But, since this would be political suicide and I expect we will have to wait for the money to run out instead.


GeniusDreams said...

Well it's completely true, what you are saying.

The only problem really is that what you are saying is such a crime in today's world.

What you are thinking on is simply the building the block to a great and bright future.

But they are fighting you to the death over that block! Not even to steal it from you, just to stop you placing your block on your plot, whereas they destroyed their own.

Believe you are right. And don't worry about this one block, it is only one out of millions to go to building a great future for yourself. There is so much more ahead for you if you accept you are right do what needs be done and just... move on.

There is more to life than battles against the world. There is building your own world up high and great.

See yourself beyond the black/white nonsense. Skin color matters as much as hair color or shoe color, you shouldn't give a shit really. Not even to be trapped into pro-black ego, it's only a box. Divorce yourself from the stereotypes, and just be yourself.

Vee said...

^geniusdreams has a point.

Please note, BET was advocating whatever vapid music that was being produced before Viacom bought BET.

Not that it matters, but the heads of MTV, VH1 and BET are all black women.

Cool post, I'm reading the archives now.

stickshifter said...

^ You're wrong...the owner of MTV & BET (not sure about VH1) is SUMNER REDSTONE - a JEW.

Anonymous said...

Black misogynist is exactly right in his post.

The entertainment media "sells" a "rough" behaviour to young black men as cool and alot of them buy into it. The beahviour being sold is self-damaging-big time.

Lots of young white males fall for it too, the lower-income ones especially.

I think hip-hop and "metal" and skateboarder and emo lifestyles are concocted by the media elite to degrade the middle and lower classes and keep them from ever being competition for their (the wealthy elite's) offspring. If you just fuck up the first 25 years of your life, what chance do you have of ever really ascending the professional ladder and getting the education necessary to even begin before you are too old? Very damned little.

All these rough trade cultural lifestyles are there to distract young males "just long enough" so that the wealthy never have to worry about them, and to also get them into prodigious amounts of debt, so they are stuck being wage-slaves instead of budding business owners/entrepreneurs/grad students, etc. It keeps us all down.

It also drived real estate prices way up, as fear of the "ghetto" or living near a trailer park keeps prices in suburbia up, which is good for you if you are invested in hedge funds that deal in real estate or bonds that package mortgages (like many of the wealthy are).

The rich screw the poor in myriad ways in this nation that we are only beginning to see. The cultural and educational fucking the average Joes and Jeromes are getting out there is worse than the financial one. Denzel Washington should be more of an icon to young black males instead of 50-cent and pdiddy.

Anonymous said...

misogyny is destroying black communities, while feminism is one of the few things holding it together. A resentful black man throwing black women under the bus...what a cliche.

Anonymous said...

Why the offensive name? You'd be unimpressed by a website named 'The white racist' Why hate women? What is the matter with you? Then again I suppose you've just lapped up the programming and conformed to the global culture of disrespecting women. Far worse than racism, misogyny is so prevalent it goes largely unnoticed. I feel sorry for you, you poor brainwashed thing