Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Why White women hate Asian women.

First off, Merry Christmas to the 6 of you who read this blog according to my stat counter. :)

I touched on this subject in an entry last month and now I am going to expand on it. Anybody who has ever heard a Black woman rant and rave about how white women "steal" all the good successful black men away. Well, It is basically the same situation here with Asians and White girls.

More and more white women are running off with the morons while young hot and dumb and after they are done they hope/pray and expect a straight edge guy with his life together to sorta come by and pick them up and most often their fatherless kids as well. The term that best describes these guys is "Captain save-a-ho." Problem nowadays is that those guys who would have played that role are being met and picked up by Asian women in droves especially foreign born ones or ones from real traditional families that are born here.

First came across this hate a few years back as a teenager working in a Wendy's. A late 20 something year old white woman who still looked great for her age was complaining about a man she had set her sights on. Seemed she knew him from a few years back and she knew he had a thing for her but she wasn't interested. Now she was all of a sudden for you see. She had a kid by some thug and had to work in a fast food restaurant as a second job to get enough money. While said guy worked some odd job in a law firm making plenty of money. But didn't seem to be showing the same interest he once did.

If that sounds familiar to those six readers who come here. It is because of
this blog entry. Seems to be the norm eh? A few days later her hopes were dashed however and she ended up sad and a few female coworkers were consoling her. He wasn't interested in her anymore because he was already involved with an Asian woman. Turns out she wasn't alone in this as all of a sudden multiple girls started giving her their own experiences of evil Asian women dashing their hopes for a good man. One even at the young age of 18. The thought that perhaps she should have dated him before instead of the thug she did and got pregnant by didn't cross her mind. Wasn't her fault she wanted an exciting bad boy. But it was that Asian woman's fault for picking the nice guy with his life together.

A few years later in college I'd run into the Asian hate once again. This time by a group of racist feminist while on a group lab project. Don't even remember how the subject came up. But the bigotry flowed. With the blanket idea that all Asian women are ignorant and weak willed, poor, Horny sluts and prostitutes. Then there was the so similar story of some guy who was doing well that one was dating. She claimed that he dumped her and is now going to marry a Chinese girl who couldn't speak English because she was that stupid[because only intelligent people know English?]

What got me was the reason she claimed he broke it off with her.
"He couldn't handle me because I am too strong and independent. What a weak sexist pig to go with some weak slutty chink girl he can dominate and oppress."

WOAH, Isn't that some shit. The near exact excuse Black women use to explain away black men who date white women.
It is bullshit for Black women and it is just as bullshit coming out of their mouths.
On a forum I witnessed an argument over a guy saying he used a dating website to find his wife of then going on 4 years. A few women launched into how much of a loser he had to be that he had to look overseas for a wife. He admitted that in a way it was true. He did it because a friend used the same agency and his marriage looked great while he couldn't get a date.
Ready for some deja vu? He started telling everybody his past dating life. Technically they were right he was a loser to women around him. He is an unimposing guy and was shy. No "edge" to him that domestic women his age wanted. So he was snubbed over and over and over again. Till he met somebody else with the same problem who solved it by getting an attractive loyal Thai who didn't mind that he didn't know how to play any sort of dating game.

That is the real difference it seems. A lot of Asian women seem to look past the silly games and don't mind a guy that just treats her well. They directly pick up the captain save-a-ho and bypass the stupid shit other women are doing. So he asked all the women complaining. What should he have done? Stayed alone and dateless till some woman any woman would have him? If no American woman wanted him then why can't he find an attractive Filipino girl who did want him? Their answer? One was bold and actually said yes, He should've stayed alone. One said he was a weak man who only did it because he couldn't handle the strength of Modern women.
Another woman gave an interesting answer. That he should have waited longer. Why? Here comes some more deja vu. Because the way he is NOW he would have been able to attract many American women. Why? Because he would have been dealing with older more mature women and that is when they want nice decent men like him who have his life together. Indeed he did have a good job and had quite a nice house.

That is the bottom line folks. That is the reason more white women are jumping on the "I hate Asian women" bandwagon. Because Asian women are swooping in and picking up the guys white women are trying to save for later. They are fast losing their place as the most wanted type of female that they have enjoyed for the longest of time. White women just like black women are spending too much time with the wrong type of men. Then get angry when the decent men are picked up by others and they are stuck with more losers.

Unlike black women however, White women actually have political power here in the states and they are too bratty and spoiled to just accept this.
Soon I am sure there is going to be a law passed that somehow stops men from finding Asian wives and bringing them here. Or at the very least attempt to shut down the websites that help men do it.


G M said...

I think Donald Trump must be coming to the very same conclusion (if he hasn't already) with his recent rows with 20-yo bitrendual cokeheaded slut Tara Conner and fat-mouthed dyke Rosie O'Donnell! Wow, 2 of America's worst archetypes in a nutshell! :D

A better example of a typical young white American woman couldn't have been chosen- a moronic drug addicted, drunken, bisexual slut. I know- that behavior of drinking to a stupor, locking lips with other women in vulgar public displays and snorting coke is suppose to be "liberating". Women no longer need to worry about being debased by men, they are doing it to themselves. One can lose count of the number of 20-something white women one sees half dressed like a whore, drunken stumbiling around and vomiting in the streets. Tara Conner only has her looks going for her which she will lose in 5 years and look like she is pushing 50. BTW don't call this "racist" because I'm white myself. I am just not afraid to tell the truth.

"I am sure there is going to be a law passed that somehow stops men from finding Asian wives and bringing them here."

Good call, but Feminist-Americans have already beat you to this!

Now WOMEN are still WOMEN, but I guess any foreign choice may still be the slightly lesser of evils compared to any feminist POS "Made In The USA" here (at least for now, as the Matriarx virus spreads more and more everyday!)!

Anonymous said...

hahaha byrdeye.

Thanks for the link to your blog post about the IMBRA. Looks like I missed the bus on that one. Not surprised something has already been passed to restrict marraige to women overseas.

If men keep doing it. Watch for it to be banned outright.

Fidelbogen said...

What black American females and white American females have in common is the word "American". Both are infected with a common cultural virus which triggers similar behaviors. Although it is possible that black women have picked up a worse form of the disease - as the saying goes, when the rich catch cold, the poor catch pneumonia. Black males go for white females, apparently, because white females have a milder form of the disease by comparison with black females. White males have of course not experienced black females, so their standard of comparison is between white women and Asian women....and guess who wins?

And let's not forget that Asian women aren't the only ones who appeal to "white" men. We must also take into account "white but non-Western" women. Meaning, Russians, Ukrainians, Eastern Europeans and such....

Anyway, factor me into your list of regular visitors - maybe that would take the daily count up to 7?

Oh...and how about a link exchange? I'm pulling around 60 visitors daily (and gradually climbing), and I'm sure that a link on my side would bump your count up a few notches at least....

Anyway, my blog is here:

All the best to ya!

Anonymous said...

Six? I can finally get in on the ground floor of a blog.

"I read him way back, I was there before he sold out."

Anonymous said...

"Not surprised something has already been passed to restrict marraige to women overseas".

In my opinion, it does not matter if American Women have legislation passed or not. They believe that if they take away our options then men will marry American(White) women because they are the only choice.Men don't work that way. We just won't get married at all!!!

Anonymous said...

Woah your blog is awesome! It is like a mirror of my own life no joke.

Another reader for ya man.

Anonymous said...

The reasons for the current dating trends you see here in american society is simply a reflection of what men desire in a woman, femininity.

Many black women are loud, obnoxious, mean, fat, and agressive. White women in comparison are a little bit nicer and thinner and that comes accross as more feminine. Then you throw Asian women in the mix and they have the lowest rates of obesity and single motherhood, so you see why white guys like them. Then you throw in the American women's thirst for thugs, which is completely out of control in the black community and what's happening in the dating trends makes a lot more sense.

Anyway, I like what you have going here. I myself am a succesful black man who has been bewildered over the years by black women chasing after thugs, ex-cons and other assorted trash over good black men and I don't see tha changing any time soon.

Anonymous said...

Dear Black Misogynist,

You know, it's like they say; 'once you feel the touch of an asian woman, you can never go back.'

Anyway, I was sent to invite you over to the MGTOW niceguy forums. Please feel free to drop by sometime and enlighten us with your comments, ideals, and opinions.

Yes, there is even a thread about your blog, and it has inspired many of us including me further reinforcing our beliefs.

Link to the mainsite:

Link to the forum:

See you there,

Anonymous said...

I don't know my friend, I am a Chinese man in good ol' Hong Kong and I'm not sure if our side of the fence is greener than white women.

Our perception of women in general has been wrong for quite some time.

Anonymous said...

I am a Chinese man in good ol' Hong Kong and I'm not sure if our side of the fence is greener than white women.

Well, the "problem" with Asian culture is that the man is oppressed as a beast of burden who must shoulder the responsibility for every relative within 1 degree of separation. He becomes the ultimate salaryman provider who must care for a generation above and below him in his own family and his wife's.

Sure, to an outsider, it might seem as though "men are first," there. But that perception is just based upon superficial gestures. When it comes down to the nitty-gritty bottomline, the Asian man has to bankroll and pay for everyone and everything. There is little left for himself or his own life. In truth, he and his own personal needs/wants come DEAD LAST.

Look into the hollow eyes of an exhausted salaryman and you will see the soul sucked out of him by all his immediate parasitic family.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, and Asian women are women. Many can be materialistic and shallow.

Anonymous said...

I believe the VAWA law on foreign brides only applies to those organizations or companies which charge money to connect American men and foreign women. There is somewhere a URL which allows them to contact each other without charge, and they claim they are thus exempt from the law.

The law doesn't stop marriages to foreign brides. I think it says covered organizations must supply the prospective woman with the man's police record BEFORE they are introduced. That is obviously a big hassle.

This came about because of a previous law, also based on the belief that all men abuse their wives. That law said a foreign bride need not wait the full two years to dump his *** if there was abuse. So, crooked attorneys help prepare perjured documents that she was abused, thus she can get her divorce before the two years are up, while still getting her papers.

Since no one ever investigates female perjury, the false records thus show a lot of abuse of foreign brides, though there was actually almost no abuse at all.

Anonymous age 64

Crankster said...

I'm an Asian woman, and I agree with Yosei.

You boys are seeing the other side of the fence as greener. There are all types of women in the world.

Some are just nice, kind, loving, cheerful, funny and pleasant to be with. Others aren't.

Some live in America, some live in Asia. And others live elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

I think it's hillarious that white women froth at the mouth when white men ignore them in favor of Asian women. I have to admit I find them more attractive than American white women. Being of Slavic descent, I prefer Russian, Ukrainian and other E. Eurorpean women over American women too in general. However, Crankshaft is correct, there are both good and bad women everywhere. Unfortunately, there are far more bad and mental basketcase women here than those who are worth marrying. Thus there are many men in the U.S. and elsewhere who have reached the decision I have. In the absence of someone who'd work with you instead of against you at every turn, it's better to not marry at all. I'd rather be alone and free, than married and miserable. If one is to be involved with someone, do it for the right reasons. Don't be with someone just to be with someone, be a self-reliant ME instead. A clinging vine always chokes the tree it clings to to death, sooner than later. As for men's needs being dead last, that is not limited to Asia, it's also the reality for many men here in the West as well. I was one of them, and I will not put myself in that situation every again. As Crankshaft stated, the grass is not necessarily greener on the other side of the fence, so caveat emptor when it comes to foreign women or women who are not of the same race as you are. But if I ever do meet Ms. Right, race will not stand in my way either.

A Cossack against femininsm

Anonymous said...

I think it's interesting that there appears to be some sort of merry-go-round going on. First, there's feminazism, which alienates men and women from each other. But then, there's the fact that different races overall appear to have different levels of aggression. The more docile race (on average) has the more attractive women (on average). If feminazism is rampant, the men of the afflicted nation (i.e., Americans!) try to find women who fit the bill of being more docile and womanly.

So what we have here is many successful black men marrying white women. The white men, in turn, marry Asian women and foreign women (of various races - white, Asian, Latina). Asian men in their own countries get Asian women from poorer countries (Taiwanese from Vietnam, or Japanese from the Philippines, for example). Meanwhile, black women (and many white women too!) have kids by thugs and then complain when nobody finds them desirable. Well, duh. Raising someone else's kid appeals to no man, and in addition, the kid often picks up his dad's bad behavior.

Black women are definitely under a pinch. Black men are more attractive to other races than they are. Unfortunately, there isn't a race that's aggressive enough to appeal to black women. Unless the Klingons invade, LOL.

Anonymous said...

LOL Corvinus. We do have Klingons among us that are good girls compared to some of the black and white women I've seen. And those are the ones who go around carrying daggers in Star Trek, Next Generation. Maybe these white and black women who are too mean and agressive for the rest of us would make excellent Borg dones.

A Cossack against femimism

Anonymous said...

Dear Black Misogynist and Friends,

Just look at what happened to "Captain Save a Ho"!!!

This isn't funny but your point is proven!

Anonymous said...

I'm a white women and I love your blog. I love my race, but I don't like how a lot of our women "save men for later." It's insane to waste your youth on fucking tons of men and doing drugs, and expect to be saved later. I'm glad that somebody appreciates that young women who work hard and take care of themselves/stay on track deserve more recognition than women who sleaze around and expect the same treatment later in life. I was beginning to thing that there wasn't a difference.

You have a new reader!

Anonymous said...

I think it's true that white women get pissed about white guys chasing asian women is the same as black women being pissed at black men chasing white women.

The difference though is that white women are hypocrites. I've heard many black men openly state that they prefer white women because they are more agreeable and less dominant. I've never heard any white woman complain about this at all.

But when white males make that SAME statement about prefering asian women, white women go ape shit and start spouting feminist rhetoric about wanting "submissive" women.

Fuckin' hypocrites.

Anonymous said...

Interesting. That is what I love about the internet. Since your blog is not private it allows even us american women you all hate to read it. I really am glad to know how you all feel about women in the states. It is indeed an eye opener. Since I am young (21) and in college, I will be able to sit and ponder what it is I have missed not dating american guys when I'm older. I do not hate any of you, but it is great to know that you hate me.

Before any of you begin. I have never dated a "thug", I have no children, I am not sexually promiscuous, I am not loud, and I also do not like drama of any kind. I am very introverted as a result. Still, I had to comment and let the owner of this blog know I appreciate you posting your pure thoughts online. I have not come to debate, but to give a simple thank you.


Anonymous said...

Actually I'm tired of (many, not all) Asian women because they gibber in that bitchy "OH PEGGY HILL" voice. It's the tittering.

I hate having to deal with them to get a manicure. The tittering, the blank expressions, the not so well hidden hostility.

Anonymous said...

I never get tired of reading stuff like this from american women, it gives me hope!! thank you!!

Why? Because Im that nice guy, I can be a little gruff and cool at times, but mostly Im shy and I got my life together. I'm actually above avg in looks, but I dont get the ladies, because Im just not badboy enough.

Untill they get over 40 that is, those are the women I seem to atract. And they almost always have fatherless kids. Its so pathetic!

I would love to meet an Asian girl, it is true they have high family values. They dont act like spoiled little princesses like american women do. The choice is obvious to me.


Anonymous said...

HA! White men and others are not just going for Asian women. They are dating women of all background, just not from the U.S

Many men are dating hot leggy model type girls from Eastern Europe or Latin America.

Lets face reality, women in the U.S. are scum and worthless.

Soon these feminazis will ban U.S. men from marrying hot foreign women.

Go ahead, you can ban the word "marriage" on paper, but they will always be our wives in our heart .

Anonymous said...


The problem is the perception of black woman. You can't win in our bs, fascist American society.

Black women have natural butts, hips, breasts and lips and yet, white girls are praised for
getting injections and spending
thousands of dollars to look
like us. If you don't believe me,
just look at a number of white
women celebrities that overdo
plastic surgery: Elizabeth Hurley,
Michelle Pfeiffer, Pamela
Anderson, Lisa Rinna, Kathy
Griffin, etc.

Yes, some black women are loud
but most of us just want to
be treated with a respect. But
judging by Imus' comments and
the lack of positive black
female role models that are
praised for being beautiful,
intelligent and smart, I doubt
that's going to happen anytime

I think white women, who have
been put on a pedestal for the
past 400 years need a reality
check and yet, if white men
are marrying Asian women because
they presume they are docile,
that's sad.

As for the black male poster who
said that black women are choosing
to have babies by thugs, maybe you need to come to the Midwest where I live. All of my girlfriends and I
are NICE, college-educated, know how to handle our own business and looking for love. However, what we don't appreciate is when black men accuse us of being too hard on
them. Why is that it's okay for white women to want successful men but not black women? Judging by this brother's comments about black women and men like him (i.e. Terrence Howard, Wesley Snipes, Taye Diggs, etc.) the black community's biggest problem is self-hatred.

White women still have it made and PROBABLY ALWAYS WILL! They're not victims, just whiny.

Anonymous said...

I honestly refuse to subscribe to such nonesense. Women, in general, are trashy... all over the world. Take responsibility for yourselves. Besides, what about the good black women that are out there, and have to wait until Dorrell gets through figuring out that trash comes in all colors?

Well, I'll tell you what will happen to us? Black women are letting their guards down and dating whoever ask us on a date... not saving ourselves for TeQuan with a degree.

When are y'all going to learn. And take this from a foriegn black female.

Besides, since we are letting american black men date whomever, I hope they will have the same respect for us. Contrary to what you may think... many american black women are exporting husbands from other countries and doing very well. So, I don't want to hear any fuss about how big your ding-a-lings are compared to TOD.

Anonymous said...

Make it a belated 7.

Anonymous said...

Asian women are a pretty heterogeneous bunch. For every practical girl that marries the "smart, stable white guy", there is a ditzy girl hanging out with her idiot import car fiend boyfriend.

But your overall premise is pretty damn solid. A chunk of asian girls are playing this game called life very well.

I'd guess a huge chunk of the white guys married to asians are ex-jews with jewish dads and shiksha moms.
These families are way more open minded than the average white family and some asian women seem to prefer "jewish looking" dudes to the "really white" look

Decoupled Debit said...

In the 1980s I worked with some Russian Immigrants with a Home Improvement Company in SF. They all had incredibly Hot Women. Most were two decades younger than them. One who was Movie Star Handsome had an Asian Model girlfriend who he spanked on the Butt when she came to the Office. And he would say to her if she was lucky she could get some of his "Attention". She replied "Andrea don't keep me waiting honey."

My American Wife who was overweight, dowdy, unfeminine was no competition for these Women. The Russian Men liked me, and told me to dump my wife and they could fix me up with a 10 of a Russian Girl. Who would truly appreciate me.

I was very shocked at what I saw. These were not weak Women, but they preferred Strong Masculine Men to the Emasculated American variety so common in the Bay Area then. I was definitely out of place.

Anonymous said...

Note once again the shaming language. Gosh, we men are stupid if we think we can see a difference in FW? Right?

The basic range of women is somewhat the same world around.

But, anyone who thinks women who have had Advanced Man-hate from age 2 are going to be the same as women who were taught from age 2 that the man is head of the house, i have some really cheap land for sale, bring a boat.

Yes, you have to test; test; test; anywhere in the world with any woman in the world.

But, the stats are different. Men who marry FW and import them have around 20% divorce rate, instead of 40+ for first marriages with AW.

And, one law firm a couple years ago which specializes in helping import wives from Colombia notes a divorce rate much lower than the 20%.

Tying to tell you that FW are just the same as AW is not only nuts. It also is just another trick to convince you not to bother with FW.

Those men who tell horror stories of FW as wives almost never tested them.

Filipina Hearts used to have tales of marriages to Filipinas. Some of these men proposed marriage to gorgeous babes at first sight. Then, when the predicted becomes the reality, they whine, "Women are the same everywhere." WTF?

Anonymous age 67

Anonymous said...

white man here,and all i have to say is i dont even consider dating white women.the reasons are numerous,drugs,booze,the love of emotion over the logic which drives my life,the embrace of black culture.I will never be captian save a ho,because i dont care enough about people to do more white women vote democrat,and i will never even consider kissing a liberal.for every good white woman you have 10 bad ones,and i dont have the interest or ambition to sort through the garbage looking for gold.

Anonymous said...

I'm a White woman and some of these labels that men have given Asian women are completely false. I'm posting here to help you before you make a big mistake and learn the hard way.

Asian women are extremely race focused and money focused. Any White man who says otherwise is deluding himself. I dated a White man whos ex-wife is Chinese (but born and raised in Canada) and he always said, "Money is everything to her." He also said to me, "You've never asked me for anything." His Chinese ex-wife DEMANDED thousands of dollars from him regularly (even though she worked as a pharmacist and made more money then he did) and even made him pay for his own groceries when they were married. She also refused to pay their daughter's hospital bill, but spent money on herself consistently. His ex-wife did not cook or clean, but told him to do so. She also hit him and called him a "loser." She was by no means a "tradiontal wife" nor was she "more feminine." In fact, he once said to me, "She should have been a man." Regarding race, this woman had dated only White men for decades and was extremely casual about sex. She made statements such as, "You have to f**k to see if you like someone." She said she wanted a child with White in it and that having a 1/2 White child made her feel special. She was obviously against her own race -- for physical reasons, not for any substantive ones. She also harassed me, my mother and my roommate and called his parents and told them lies about me to get them to turn against me. Before people start to make baseless accusations toward me of "jealousy" I must tell you that I was the one who ended my relationship with this man and have not had any trouble being noticed by other White men (before him or since him).

Your lives are your own with which to make your own choices. I just hope that as you date you keep your eyes and ears open and don't ignore red flags. You don't want to simply cling to wrongly pre-conceived notions of Asian women just to end up in over your head with a woman who is totally wrong for you.


Anonymous said...

Sorry, yes, I hate most (not all) Asian women. I'm in Engineering and while yes, I did meet some very tough, intelligent and feminist Asian girls I worked on teams with (those would kick the ass of any man, I'm sure of that), the majority of the Asian women are weak, submissive skanks that are willing to lie to use any man for their money/status, I despise them and wouldn't go with a guy who has a history of dating Asians.

Anonymous said...

As an Asian woman, I need to set few things straight. I'm of an NE Asian descent, meaning Northern China, Korea or Japan. It's none of anyone's business which of those three countries I am from.

The Asian women these white and black losers are referencing to are mostly from SE Asia, including Taiwan, Vietnam, Phillipines, Laos, etc. These women will marry anything that has a d1ck and a job. They just want to get the hell out of their impoverished country. Now that power went back to Asia, these women are fighting over Asian men. Yes, Asian men from NE Asia, mostly Korean men. They see Korean men as masculine, tall and rich. They consider white men from America and Western Europe as old rags or had beens.

I was chuckling to few comments by both white and black men on this thread. You guys talk as if you even have a chance with attractive, intelligent, strong Asian women. I, for one, is that and I was never, ever interested in outside of my race. Yes, my kind, the intelligent, attractive, strong ones are popular with our own race and therefore very race driven. The Asian women you see with white men are 2nd rated whores. They have been already rejected by their own counterparts and have been ostracized by their own society. They're the ones who marry white guys for stable life. When I hear a white or black guy talking about their girlfriends or wives being Asian, it's safe for me to assume these women were probably uneducated, below average, dark skinned Asian women from poor countries.

Another thing is whites and blacks don't have the same beauty standards as Asians. The Asian girls that are told that they're beautiful by whites/blacks are ugly in Asian beauty standard. If you want to see an attractive Asian women, then watch Korean dramas. Lots of jealous and envious women claim they had plastic surgery but if you look at their childhood picture, obviously they're natural beauty. These type of women will date/marry only Asian men. They get disgusted by white and black men drooling over them. I feel the same way. Not only do I get disgusted but embarrassed for white/black guys for being so damn desperate and infatuated with us.

Message to white women: Instead of hating on Asian women, you need to put a tighter leash on your counterparts so they stop harassing us and make fools of themselves. They're debasing your race as well.

Ted said...

Beautiful blog.

Here are my thoughts on dating's correlation to money.

1. Black Woman gets money by making babies and collecting child support. They do this hopefully with White Men - who on average make more money than black men - by either lying about being on birth control or just poking holes in the condoms. Hence they don't need to marry to build a future. Their future is producing children so that they have some money for the next 18 years hopefully. In the absence of white men, they have to resort to black men.

2. White Woman plan to marry and build a future. She makes money by working hard herself, but she does so independently. Maybe one day she and her husband will decide to have a family. However, there is no "teamwork" in the family, because she will work her job independently, and her husband will work his. However, the White woman usually has no patience, and jumps to marry the first loser she falls in love with, who she ends up divorcing.

3. Asian Woman (and Russian women) makes money by working ON her husband not against him. Her husband is like her project and so she plans to support him/help him/build him so that they can have a future TOGETHER. Because of that, Asian/Russian women are HIGHLY selective of the man they "invest" in... Hence this blog, they end up finding the good guys. They don't care about "popular" views and go with the thugs and the losers. They find the TRUE gem males in the society and remain faithful to them for the rest of their lifetime. Hence with Asian/Russian women, they harness a real "family" team.

That's why men prefer Asian & Russian women. They are just more feminine and supportive of the "family". There is no feminist BS going on. No lies. They know their roles, unashamedly. They don't see it as oppression which many American women claim - they see it as teamwork.

So basically, to a guy:

Black Women = Liability/Expense
White Women = Asset
Asian/Russian Women = Appreciating Asset

So as a guy, for the same price you pay for something, would you rather go to Walmart (Black Women) or Macys?

It's all to do with price/value... You just get more value with Asian/Russian women in my opinion.

Source: I dated a black female, who tried to sue me for child support for a child by another guy.

When she told me she was pregnant, I asked her how in the world did that happen because we used protection - she told she wanted a child so she picked out my used condom FROM THE BIN and inserted it inside herself. That totally disgusted me. But thankfully, the DNA tests for her kid showed that it wasn't mine. But needless to say, that's enough black ladies for me. I think all smart guys would stay away from the black chicks.

Then I dated 2 white ladies - both cheated on me.

Now married to a Vietnamese girl; loyal, caring, and really appreciates me for everything I do for her. As they say, once you go Asian, you don't go back.

Unknown said...

AS for the Asian Lady who states that Black/White can only get SE Asian Women and not Ne Asian Women, your way off. I live in LA. The NE Asian women especially Korean women dont have the social skills to talk outside the race. Most of them lived in segregation in Korea Town. My office is on Vermont/Wilshire and I see them everyday. You have the same jealousy as the other women when you see a SE Asian with a Black/White man, since you made comments about their features. In other words full lip and broad nose women you hate. I see (NE) asian shopping everyday and hookin in Kareoki Bars. The Japanese & Korean man is only waiting for a white girl to come along and then your history. Besides its a known fact South Korean women in South Korea have 1.1 million abortions every year since 2002. So how much better could you be than an Amererican Feminist.

Lena said...

I'm a Chinese college female who was born and raised in the US, and I've dated both white and asian men. Who I choose to date has nothing to do with race. It only has to do with what I find attractive which are intelligence, height/build, Type B personality, and confidence. The latter two are usually products of being brought up in a Western culture as I was, and height/build is usually lacking in the Asian men I know. In high school, I only dated white men simply because I lived in a town that was 99% white and the guys I had to choose from were mostly white. If I had only wanted to date within my own race, there would have been about four guys to choose from. Yeah, good luck with that.

In college however, I've met a lot more Asian men, some of them with every one of my criteria, and I've dated them. A lot of these men were brought up in the US too, which I feel like encourages traits that women find to be more masculine such as external confidence, aggressiveness, athleticism, etc, which may be why the Asian-woman-white-man phenomenon is so prevalent. These men will date outside their race too because they can get all the chicks they want.

My point is, a lot of you are thinking of Asian women as fresh off the boat, mail-order brides. As an American-born Chinese, that can't be farther from the truth. I was raised in American society just as white women were raised; the only difference is my family life and my appearance. I think the reason for why white women hate Asian women is underlying racism. If a white woman lost her man to another white woman, she'd rant about how the other woman was a bitch. However, if she loses her man to an Asian, it is suddenly grounds for all the "me-fuckee-you-good, me-love-you-long-time" racist bullshit she has inside of her and which I've seen in my own life before. It is sad and pathetic.

Anonymous said... really hate women. That's sad. Hope you can start feeling better about yourself

Anonymous said...

There are so many asian people in the world I believe 50 or more % do we really need more asians we have only 9% of whites in the world so you should rather consider marrying white woman and making white kids (that would look like you), because we are the vanishing race.

Anonymous said...

You so easily make black women seem totally undate-able. False. I am in an interracial marriage with a white man.White women hate me too but black men stare at me in shock. Growing up I lived in suburbia and don't have stereotypical issues.But most people assume I do. When they find out Im normal...maybe even great...they get super weird around me...its so crazy! I get a lot of hater looks from women who think like YOU and feel that black women are totally ruined. It really hurts me so much b/c I am not a bad person, I like to have fun and do normal things but no one accepts a sweet black girl from the very beginning. I was always well behaved and very sweet as a child but I recieved very little attention in comparison to both white and asians. No matter. Being left out actually helped me in the long run.It is so hard to live happily while constantly being demonized as being horrible. It's so hard.

Anonymous said...

The world has clearly gone mad. Why is no-one happy with their lot. Too much focus on looks and not getting to know the person on another level is why there are high divorce rates. Because it seems to me that people are only becoming real after they've hitched, like so many are faking perfection. And the guy who thought he was marrying a perfect magical being soon realises that she is pretty much the same as everyone else and that you really need a good personality match to make a marriage work, not just a pretty doll on your arm for life.

Fair enough find someone attractive but that should not be the only thing you are looking for if you want a marriage to last.

Anonymous said...

@Ted Everyone will be in for a rude awakening soon with these Asian women I'll tell you that. So you were saying basically to summarize your post in which I'll comment on later, black women are on food stamps and have babies....
White women are independant and end up with a loser late in life and he divorces her. And Asian (Russians) help the man succeed and build.....

I see it this way, Asian woman in the end sucks out all of the life and fun out of the man and makes constant demands on his life, becomes very anal and over protective with the children checking them every 5 secs to make sure they haven't caught any diesease while walking 2 feet away. Asian woman basically gains control over man's life and money..Man in the end either grows tired and commits sucide or throw wife off bridge, lol. More like the real truth of things!

devoutcreativity said...

"You so easily make black women seem totally undate-able. False. I am in an interracial marriage with a white man.White women hate me too but black men stare at me in shock. ....."

I am a black women I am in the same situation as you've mentioned.

Anonymous said...

well I have to say I'm not a fan of most Asian woman I think they are whinny and bit***, but that's just me and it's not because they are taking away "our" men...they can have bf is Asian and yes I do have Asian friends that are female, but a majority are what I said and most of my male Asian friends would agree maybe that is why they love white woman so much...

Anonymous said...

If two people choose each other then that's it. Unless it's a 3some, no new applicants need apply the postion has been filled, so to speak. BTW, would you actually want someone who didn't reciprocate? I wouldn't, they are just not that into you or not for you; whatever. If a white prefers asian women, let him. It's apparent that he has nothing in common with any black or white woman whatsoever, as both the aforementioned are extremely independant in thought, mind and body. So go ahead Ol' White Dude, open that fortune cookie, you will not find a pearl inside, but a piece of paper that reads, Saigon Tea ... Boom-Boom Ain't Free no ticky-no shirty. For the most part, asian women are short-legged and walk like a duck with a grape stuck up their ass and its common knowledge that they close up the candy store after they have chinched the deal. Peace Out!

Anonymous said...

I will tell you why white women specifically dislike Japanese women. White men chase after these snobbish, silent, reserved, distant types who schizoidly turn around and act cute, stupid and childish to win them over. They are after money, don't cook, don't like sex and don't want to do anything but walk around and buy stuff at the mall. All they care about is highly-overpriced clothing that suits a twig. They are racist, as are most Japanese people, and think that white women are too tall, too aggressive, too intelligent, too ambitious, too big, etc. since they are the type of women who want to stay at home all day and do nothing, and are against women having any freedom or identity. I don't find this to be true of Filipino or Chinese women, which is perhaps why I like them better. As for the Japanese, they are too racist to treat a Black or Hispanic person decently, they hate the Chinese and other Asians to whom they are hateful, and far too racist to ever tolerate whites or other groups as equals. So if people hate the Japanese, they have brought it on themselves.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the enlightening post. I'm an Asian woman, and I'm really sick of hearing how everyone who's attracted to me must be a pedophile. I've never understood what their problem was, but now I think I get it.

Aelia&Maelis said...

I dont believe how things can get as.I am a white guy myself,and I also do prefer an Asian women.What I am wondering is how whacky or silly one must be to troll women of any race in favour of other.You are not helping a cause that way.Asian women are good and all that,but they are further naive and blind for wannabewhite,that eventually one day it will happen so,and they are not all princesses as they are said to be.This thing here is and would be called a preferance,not a rampage of white women or black claiming that asian women is a godess.I lived in Asia for 7 years,and my working field are certain Asian languages.Yeah,they are pretty amazing,but there are loads of them who are crap,liars,etc,just like in any other race,and many of them,almost none really like the guys that love Asia or that really try to put an effort for learning their language or smth,infact,they laugh their ass out for your Asian language ability or make you a scene.If u dont believe,try for urself.And i dont know why would you name black girls as bad,or this other guy said that white gals are more feminine than black?rofl?wanna make me laugh?Your blog is an content of many things done half way,such as the prejudices you got,and inexperienced as u are.Take care,and please dont troll,and dont give wrong light,if u like asian or whoever do so,but dont try to bury whole other races just cuz of your preference.As i said,i love Asia and i know what i am talking about,and they aint no angels.Humans always considered them selves Gods,a man or woman,always have same claim hidden inside them.Dont be just another one of kind.Have a nice holidays.

Aelia&Maelis said...

P.s,white girls aint feminine?Look at us,white guys,does that seem any else than an ogre?Are we more feminine than asian guys?with this wide open jaws looking like beavis and butthead,Plus i think u are a black guy.In case u are,u shouldnt comment such things at all,u aint an asian,nor ur white.

Jeff said...

What a bunch of nonsense.

The White men who date Asian women do it because they hate White women. Like the woman in your story said, they can't handle an independent White woman. They're cowards and race traitors. We need more outspoken White women like the one in your story.
Also, Asian women are incredibly annoying and completely full of themselves. I don't consider them attractive because they're manipulative, their bodies don't appeal to me either. I'm also convinced that they have a deep hate for White women.

That's what I've observed.

I agree with little of what you typed.

black dating said...

Based from what I observed nowadays, white men likes to date asian women because they find it attractive rather than the white women. As you noticed in the Philippines lots of Filipina girls were married to foreign men because they are very hospitable and most of all very caring. They are very family-oriented people.

So therefore I conclude that Asian women should not be hated by white women because it's not their fault why white men prefer to date them.

Anonymous said...

As a white woman, I'd rather see Asians and whites get together to marry and have children, than blacks and whites. Whites and Asians have more in common and tend to have the same goals. Black/white marriages have a 70% divorce rate. The mixing of whites, Asians and Jewish people is a good thing. These are the highest IQ groups in the world. On average, it's Jewish men who marry Asian women and not so much white Christian men. I'm not opposed to Asians, Whites and Jews all marrying each other. Think of all the light skinned smart people you will get. There is no advantage for white women to marry black men and most of it ends badly according to statistics. High divorce rate. So, I don't envy Asian women. I am a white woman and have a white husband. Black men are very charismatic, so more power to them if they get white women. It will up the IQ of their children... but what a waste to the white race.

Anonymous said...

I don't like mysogynists. However,The Black Mysogynist makes a good point. White women do feel like Asian women are swooping in for the kill and taking all the good guys, for the exact reasons you state. Bullseye, Black Mysogynist. Bullseye.

I'm a White woman, an American, a Feminist, politically and financially Independant and proud of it all. No, I don't hate someone because of the color of their skin. I hate people for their actions.

Bibiana said...

To each his own, that's what I say. Everyone has their preferences. Hating another race is a waste of energy and time. If you are not finding love, try being kinder and more loving instead of being bitter and prejudiced.

Anonymous said...

And you're a stupid opinionated bitch who should maybe open your mind and world before you make such obnoxious comments about other Asian women! Attraction cannot be defined so superficially. What gives you the right to look down on other races because you're a north east Asian?? Big fucking deal! That doesn't mean shit in the Western world!

Anonymous said...

Where I live, you're more likely to see a white guy with an asian wife or girlfriend, then a white woman, i work at a upscale grocery store in northern california, its SO common, that nobody pay attention to it anymore. Its not the stereotypical nerdy awkward dorky white guy with a mail order bride either, they are mostly goodlooking, successfull men, and well educated, well spoken independent asian women who were born HERE. They have at least one child and they act as equals, these asian women ARE NOT submissive, housewives, who speak broken english. I don't exclusively date ONLY asian women, but I only date women with black hair and brown eyes, so I'd take an average looking asian woman over a hot white girl any day, for MANY reasons....

Anonymous said...

You are obviously a Korean who thinks too highly of yourself. Come down your high horse and face reality. Koreans have the highest rate of plastic surgery in the world.

Anonymous said...

I quit dating white women while in college. as a white man I grew up loving white girls and once I got in college I wokeup fast. The white girls I would have done anything for turned into monsters, they joined up with blacks and started undermining white men and stabbing us in the back. I could not believe the girls I thought would be my friends seemed to hate me. I met an Asian girl in one of my classes, she was fantastic to me and we dated and are married for 11 years.

Anonymous said...

I hate most white men in America, they are the most selfish, inconsiderate, racist, stupid, flaky, arrogant, judgemental, perverted bunch that I have ever encountered. They also LIE LIE and LIE some more to everyone including their white trash gfs and wives- they can't be trusted at all. oh and stop drooling over me while youre out with your fucking gfs/wives at the park- IM NOT INTERESTED YOU PERVERTED ASSHOLES- FUCK YOU.

Anonymous said...

And if an Asian woman hates a white trash whore its because you're RUDE and ARROGANT. You white trash whores are so full of jealousy and insecurity that you will lose "your" white man to some other race you just hate on every other race, its SAD and PATHETIC. Nobody owns anyone-a person doesn't belong to a RACE that's the dumbest thing anyone can ever 'think' and is a completely racist thought! You are so RUDE in public too, some white trash whore slammed her fucking car door and then says its her 'arm' with an evil grin- YOU BITCH ARE A FUCKING LIAR. AND YOU WILL BURN IN HELL. So no wonder you are hated because YOU are the haters!

Anonymous said...

As far as Im concerned all you white men and women in AMERICA can go to hell. You're arrogant, selfish, stupid, superficial and Brainwashed not to mention LYING scumbags. Don't wonder why you are hated or disrespected you deserve it!!! You should all just go live on a island where no one has to deal with your racists stupid attitudes-you have a superiority complex too SAD and pathetic!

Anonymous said...

I tend to disagree, men want women who act like women. If a woman undermines men and sides against them the men will consider her an enemy. Asian women are educated, classy and men appreciate their feminine grace and kindness. The average white girl today is no fun to be with and very abrasive and loud mouthed. Men do not like aggressive women and white girls have that trait which is a total turnoff.

Anonymous said...

Asian women are more oppressed, when they date a white man they feel more free even under conditions where white women would feel oppressed. White women may feel the same when they date black men.

All that will happen is white men get pooled out the gene pool, all the races will unify and whenthere is less to divide the women there will be a world wide feminist revolution.

Anonymous said...

I'm NE Asian American and totally disagree. Maybe it's because you don't identify yourself as an American that we differ. On the west coast the majority of white male Asian female couples that I know aren't anything like you described. Me and my NE Asian girlfriends are all highly educated, strong, beautiful, independent (we all lived on our own, then bought our own homes w our own money before we married our husbands...and our husbands own their own homes too, so no, they're not losers either). You stated that white and black guys that find certain Asian girls attractive are not up to Asian beauty standards... So I'm guessing that since you think you are attractive, no white or black guys have ever thought you were attractive? I've had guys of all colors ask me out on dates. You shouldn't be angry at black and white guys just because they don't look at you. Maybe they don't look at you because you look angry or because you're just not their type. I'm sure there are lots of guys out there in the world that might not think I'm beautiful, but who cares? They may not like the that I'm only 5'3" or that I have almond eyes. So what? I don't hate them for it, it's just personal preference. I used to only date guys with black/brown hair and ended up marrying a guy with blond hair.

By the way, my husband is white, handsome, highly educated and a gentleman. I always catch women checking him out when I'm not standing near him. The reason I married him though was because he is kind, intelligent, we have the same sense of humor, love of family, adventure and travel. Color has never been an issue.

Sounds like you live in an Asian neighborhood and don't have any real non-Asian friends. It sounds like your world is very sheltered and small.

You sound like you're in your early 20's or younger so I'm going to give you some advice:

Travel the world and open your eyes. Don't be afraid to learn about different cultures and grow. Learning about someone else's culture doesn't make it a threat to your own. It helps you understand the world better and makes you grow if you're open to it.

Stop tearing other women down and calling them whores. It just makes you look immature and out of control of your emotions.

Most of all... Please stop posting things like this and saying you are NE Asian. You definitely do not represent me and my NE Asian sisters. In fact you are an embarrassment to our race.

Anonymous said...

I am a Japanese American woman and completely disagree. I am neither snobbish, silent, reserved, stupid or childish. I worked my way through college with a full time job, graduated, worked long hours at my job to eventually earn a 6 figure salary, sacrificed, saved money, bought my own cars, then bought my own house, then met the love of my life and married him. My husband is handsome, kind, intelligent, family oriented, has high morals,is funny, sweet and responsible among many other wonderful qualities. He also put himself through college earned 2 masters degrees and bought his own home. The reason we are together is because we have the same core values and interests and love each other. I also love to cook meals for him but do it 1/2 of the time because he enjoys cooking too. We both love travel, fitness, spending time w family and friends and nature. Please don't generalize that all Japanese Americans are like the evil you said above. It sounds like you had a bad experience with someone and are still very angry. We are not all like that one person. I definitely do not hate blacks, Hispanic and whites. My husband and his family are wonderful kind good people, as are all of my Mexican, Black and White friends that I made in LA. I will pray for you. It seems like you are consumed in hatred and anger. Btw my family isn't racist either. My parents were so happy I married my husband because he is a good hard working honest person that loves me and makes me happy.

Unknown said...

This might be long over due but thanks for showing that other woman up in her high horse what reality is all about.I'm Latina-Asian but since I grew up in SE Asia, my heart is really close to my Asian roots.I don't really care if you're from NE or SE Asia,it's all from the same race.Anyway, I love your post! It's as if I was reading a "Life Lesson" article. I hope there are more like you with such logic yet carries humility.

Unknown said...

This might be long over due but thanks for showing that other woman up in her high horse what reality is all about.I'm Latina-Asian but since I grew up in SE Asia, my heart is really close to my Asian roots.I don't really care if you're from NE or SE Asia,it's all from the same race.Anyway, I love your post! It's as if I was reading a "Life Lesson" article. I hope there are more like you with such logic yet carries humility.

Anonymous said...

It's simple. Men, of all races want submissive women for wives. They don't mind casual relationships with the feminists and liberal independent women usually. That said, I need to point out that race has little to do with the current trends. Black women in the west are very different from those in Africa. Am an African and cannot consider any other type of woman for a wife. African women (but not from the cities) are submissive and know that the man is not her equal. He is the head. These are what men want for wives. I see white men look for brides in Africa.. These same men avoid Black women of Europe and the US. Additionally, white women should realize that their men are not exactly looking for the Asian genes or anything. They just want the motherly genes. That said, Ukrainian and Russian women are white and among the most desirable people for wives. Men hate when women from their race become traitorous. This is why white men who white women have condemned as weak and effeminate are no longer interested. White women are giving their white women what they have always wanted, freedom to be with the bad boys and to play around with the thugs. Women with traditional values can't dare do that... That said men of all races should avoid any women who claim to be feminists, liberal, Democrats,progressive... They should beautify women who value traditionalism because these women sacrifice their autonomy for the sake of their culture, husbands, family, God etc...race is quite irrelevant, values matter

Anonymous said...

I'm Japanese woman. Seems like no one point out this fact that Asian ladies (of at least Japanese) simply don't like thug type of guys. In my country, thugs are not popular even among young girls. I personally have never find them attractive. So no wonder Asian women like me pass through them. One of my beautiful friends was once asked for date by thug type guy and told me that she was scared of such guys. She chose a guy who might look nerdy for American girls, but to her, he looked attractive. In fact, it's hard to find popular Japanese young actors who look like a thug or gang. Japanese girls prefer kawaii (cute) things to wild ones.

My husband is American (white), he is 5''7", short for American standard and it may be the reason why he was not popular back in the states. (I'm 5'3", almost average in Japan). When we first met, I didn't care for his height at all, I thought he was cute! We were both young and I was earning more money than he at that time, but it didn't matter. He was smart, honest, and hard working, what can you ask for more? After 20 years of marriage, he became a successful guy in his 40s. He is still cute to me and we are happy. He has a friend who is tall but very skinny and look nerdy, not popular in the states, but most Japanese young guys are skinny too, so it didn't matter. He got a beautiful Japanese wife.

I don't know if this can apply to other Asian countries as each country has its own unique culture, so thugs may be popular in other Asian countries, but if majority of Asian girls' preference is similar to Japanese, it can explain why they don't waste time with thugs. Also, it can explain why guys who were not popular in his country can get girlfriend in Asia. Same thing happens to women. I know women who are not supposed to be "beautiful" in my country suddenly get popularity in overseas. Like Lucy Liu wouldn't be beautiful actress if she was in Japan, but in the US, guys find her attractive. Different country, different culture.

Anonymous said...

Late comment here. . .

But I gotta say this is a CLASSIC, great, great, blog article.

White women on average are VERY hard to deal with for an unimposing white guy who has yet to find his groove. Their vindictiveness against men is only matched by the obliviousness of their vindictiveness.

The nerve telling the white guy he should die alone (as he deserves to, I surmise) OR wait until some used up old slut graces him with her presence so he can waste all his money on her and the kids of another man.

White society is over and it's the white woman's fault in large part. So be it. Open border for Asian women, full stop.

Anonymous said...

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