Thursday, January 11, 2007

Yes this is a Jealousy filled rant, So the fuck what?

One of my cousins is getting married next month and on New Years eve I finally got to meet his new bride. She is pretty good looking and seemed like an overall kind and decent woman. Which isn't surprising at all since that is all he pretty much dates. My cousin is one of those guys that has never been unattached to a woman at any given moment. An obvious great catch it seems like since he always has all these top notch women[and even more lower rung ones] fighting over him. You see, they usually find out about each other while he is dating/fucking three or four of them at a time.

Now, I am sure those of you reading this must be thinking he is some sort of stud. Must have his life together.Must be very attractive. Must have damn good game to be such a player. Well you are wrong, Or at least in my eyes you would be wrong as it seems women believe he is such a great catch. Here is the rundown

Never finished high school
Isn't even attempting to seek better employment and is content with his near minimum wage job and selling drugs for money.
The money he does get. He blows on beer, drugs, expensive clothes and jewelery and more drugs.
Has been in and out of jail. With most of those being from BEATING THE HELL OUT OF HIS GIRLFRIENDS. His last one was a felony for trying to stab somebody.
Has been kicked out of 2 apartments for not paying rent and has had utilities turned off. But has never missed a payment for whatever giant SUV he is leasing at the time.
He has no manners. Zero. None.
He is damn selfish and cares about no one but himself.
Has 5 kids by 3 different women not including his soon to be wife..... Or at least that is how many he knows about

All of this yet all these women just throw themselves at him. They seriously, Seriously fight over his dick and this one finally won him over and she BRAGS about that fact. Claims he is actually going to settle down. Not cheat on her again(yes, he promised not to do it "again") and make a family with her and both their daughters(she was a single mom.)

I must say, It has me jealous, Has had me jealous since the beginning of the month. Why? because somehow to women I am not worth the time and I am an automatic and complete loser despite having a college degree. A good job. A nice sum saved up. Law abiding. Respectful. Avoids drugs. Financially responsible and don't beat up my girlfriends at the drop of a hat.

It is insane that any man who has no problem turning to somebody he is suppose to love.... and this really happened by the way, Tell them "Bitch get me a beer dammit" or can fly off the handle and break a woman's jaw because he is so angry that he can't find a ring he wants to wear(yes that was a reason he beat up one of his girlfriends)

What the fuck is wrong with people? It doesn't even make basic sense that this man is so looked up too. That he is so damn sought after despite having ZERO to offer. He has actually snatched a woman right from me. After the first date I tried to get a kiss and was denied. She claimed she likes to get to know guys before getting physical and that she wanted to date more before taking that step. Went on 4 more dates before she met him once at a family bbq. After an hour she ended up leaving with him and fucked him multiple times that day/night. She actually wanted to keep it a secret and keep "dating" me. Did, dated a few more times and the only thing we ever did physically was kiss as she claimed she likes to "wait"

It was a month later before he told me. In a span of an hour is all it took for him. Me? 3 months.
In case any of you are thinking "Well it is a good thing he told you, He did you a favor"
Well in a weird sense he might have. But the reason he told was because his mother was on one of her rants about how worthless he is and how he should make something of himself "like Black Misogynist has" (No thanks to her trying to make sure I didn't all my life) and he decided to snap back by saying how much of a loser I am since I get no play from my woman that he fucked over and over and over again and even decided to do a graphic play by play(seems she was hella freaky.)
Him? He is good enough to fuck over and over and over again thoughout a day and night. Worth letting him plow your ass then whip the shit on your face before you stick it back in your mouth(told you she was freaky)
Me? I am a loser who has to take you to dates that run up to 100 dollars before I even so much get a kiss. I have to offer the world and any other whim to even get attention.

I have to wonder if it is just San Diego that is fucked up or is it like this no matter where you go. Reality is assbackwards.



Anonymous said...

Maybe you cant get a girl because you are such a whining bitch. BOO HOO I CANT GET LAID BOO HOO AND MY COSIN CAN BOO HOO.

Try being a MAN for once in your life and maybe you might get lucky for the first time in your pathethic life.

Rhythmic said...

LOL I know exactly what you are feeling right now man. Ignore the troll up there.

It is indeed some bullshit. San Diego is full of shallow bitches that bumfuck and then complain they can't find a good man.

Keep up the blogging man.

Anonymous said...

The anonymous blogger above sort of has a point but that person did not have to cut so deep.The best thing for you to do is not to worry about what other people are doing. Only worry about what YOU can control.Keep working hard and being a positive person and the other stuff will come.Stay away from scoundrels because they will do nothing but bring you down to their level.The best thing that came out of this situation is that you found out what the woman was about before you started to really get involved with her.

Keep on living well brother!!!!!


Mr. E said...


You're not alone. A whole bunch of men are waking up to this toxic, feminazi dominated culture. I invite you to come visit us in the forums.

Stay true, get your education, you career and your investments.

R L said...

Most women are not worth your time, BM. Stop spending your money on women. Stop taking them on fancy outings. If you'd like to have some conversation with a woman, meet her at Starbucks, but YOURSELF a hot tea or something, sit down, and have some one-on-one.

Your cousin is a loser, and while he seems to rewarded with much ass, you are the winner. Be happy that you've got a roof over your head, money in the bank, stability, etc.

Realize that a lot of women are just cumdumpsters. Do not invest your emotions. Try to avoid developing feelings for them. Think more of what they can do for YOU (which is only fuck and cook you a meal, IF they can cook), versus what you can do for them.

Anonymous said...

Hey man, great stuff. Come join us at

Group of likeminded men.

Anonymous said...

Only the shit women fuck the players. Keep shopping: CE classes,, eHarmony, church, etc.

Maybe only 20% of the women out there appreciate a good guy, but don't stop looking for them. There are plenty of shy, quiet women who are still waiting for a good guy.

Don't waste time with ho's once you know what they are, just keep looking for the good girls. They ARE out there. It takes me between 5-7 dates to find one, but then it's good sex and happy times. Dump the ho's.

BTW, white girls adore nerdy black guys. If you can pretend to be a nerdy goody-goody black guy, tons of white girls will want to love every part of you. Try it, visit a church singles group and share your "feelings".

You won't be disappointed.

yosei said...

There's something really weird going on in men and womens relationships in the modern world. Take care, Black Misogynist.

-patriarch from the Far East

Rhythmic said...

BTW, white girls adore nerdy black guys. If you can pretend to be a nerdy goody-goody black guy, tons of white girls will want to love every part of you. Try it, visit a church singles group and share your "feelings".

LOL ROFL AHAHHAHAHHA I call bullshit on this one! When a white woman likes black guys she isn't trying to find any decent black guy. They find the thuggish ones for the excitement.

White women who date black men only do so for two reasons.
Money or status such as if he is a rapper/plays sports/tv star or if he plays up on every steriotype because it excites them in a way that normal white thug men can't.

White women hate on brothas who aren't the steriotype more than other black women do.

acolyte said...

I will be honest, I agree with the poster. Women love men who treat them like trash, a good man is wasted on most women in the states nowadays.

Days of Broken Arrows said...

I just discovered this blog -- good job! Here is my answer to your post:

1). Biologically speaking, all females of all species desire a stronger male.

2). The feminism of the 1960s pushed men out of the house (esp. in the black community), therefore creating a more masculine type woman, who had to take on male roles in the household

3). These "empowered" women are already like men, so they seek someone who is uber-masculine. Hence, the rise of the "player" and why your cousin is considered a good find amongst women.

Conclusion: Back in the 1950s and 1960s, men like your cousin would have been considered too wild for the average women or "bad seeds." Now society has changed and this has hit the black community extra hard. This means that the average guy from years ago -- the hardworking breadwinner -- is now considered a "loser" by women.

There are other facets to this, but this is the basic story. One other thing: The deck is now stacked so that whenever men wonder aloud about this, these new "male women" simply dole out insults, like "you have a small dick" or "you can't get laid." Just ignore them; people with no brains resort to insults because they cannot form counter arguments.

Jonah said...


Yeah life sucks, but you can do something about it. Become educated.

Here are some tools to get you back on track:

1) Listen to the Tom Leykis show on the radio daily.

2) Go to and read every article you can on it. Also pick up the book, "No More Mr. Nice Guy" by Dr. Robert Glover, sounds like you need it.

3) Start practicing a martial art or boxing. Dating is war, and if you have the warrior mindset, you will succeed in victory.

Ancient Chinese secret: "When engaging the woman, he should consider her as worthless as a stone, and himself as precious as gold."

byrdeye said...

Well, this was all part of the liberal conspiracy to destroy this country.

The more you enable, the more you disable.

In the old days, women had to seek men who would be good fathers and husbands.

But after LBJ created the "Great Society" welfare state in the 60s Civil Rights Era...personal responsibility & power was transferred from the individual to the state. Now, Uncle Sam (YOU, the HARD-WORKING, responsible TAXPAYER) became a good surrogate father (CUCKOLD) and all women had to find now was a bad boy stud to breed her young with like racehorses.

Hillary Clinton was fond of the African proverb, "it takes a village to raise a child." Well, when women choose to get knocked up by irresponsible sure does!

What we must do now is RESIST ALL CUCKOLDRY IN ALL ITS FORMS. DO NOT help raise any other bastard young and fight against our government doing so too. Women with bastard kids must NOT be helped out...and thus forced to make better baby daddy choices to begin with.

regeneral lee said...

^ I agree.

The more women are forced to rely upon their man (instead of Uncle Sam) in life, the better choices they will make in them.

The next time you see some liberal mangina on the tube begging for more of YOUR money to help clothe and school some more SOB bastard kids - you can tell them to FUCK OFF. These bastard genes must be allowed to die on the vine. Cry me a river.

You made it, YOU raise it! If you fucked her, don't pass the buck to another sucker!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

another angry ugly bitter man making the internet worst with yet another whine fest of a blog.


Anonymous said...

Yes, definitely check out

Also, check out Best site on the internet hands down for understanding women as they really are, not what you think they are.

Anonymous said...

Ignore all these idiots blaming you, and about not getting any. They are punks, and don't get the picture. Ever notice women get what they want ALL the time? yea it's the VAGINA they can do no wrong, they run the show and we think we have to beg. WRONG. Your cuz don't beg he treats em like shit. Don't put out cash, you maybe buy a drink but that's all brother the anwser to anything they want is no,no no!. Tell them things like wow, you are ugly when your mad, or yes your ass is to fat!listen to tom lykis, get david Dangelo's dvd's
IGNORE THEM, don't be nice!!!

Anonymous said...

Just discovered your blog after Eternalbachelor linked to it. Great stuff, B-M! I went back and read all your old posts, so you're up to at least 8 now.

As you've probably noticed, B-M, whites like me are thinking just the way you are about American women regardless of color. We good guys have to defend each other from the skanks and thugs out there.

A lot of poor whites behave in the exact same way you have described your relatives behaving in your childhood. The kid who just wants to read and who displays some smarts is looked upon with suspicion and called names. It's universal. But then again, stupidity and shortsightedness are.

Captain Zarmband said...

Anonymous wrote:

"Maybe you cant get a girl because you are such a whining bitch. BOO HOO I CANT GET LAID BOO HOO AND MY COSIN CAN BOO HOO.

Try being a MAN for once in your life and maybe you might get lucky for the first time in your pathethic life."

This is typical of the retarded responses you get from females who don't like accurate criticism. They cannot argue with you because they know that what you have written is corrrect, so they just realease a barrgae of shaming abuse because that's all they have left. Ignore them my friend and keep on blogging. You've rattled them.

I'll post you a link on my sidebar. Good luck to you.

broken_rhyme said...

Came across your blog at eternal bachelor. Awesome blog man. Being a black man myself I understand where you're coming from. I think you just got yourself another reader.

"Maybe you cant get a girl because you are such a whining bitch. BOO HOO I CANT GET LAID BOO HOO AND MY COSIN CAN BOO HOO.

Try being a MAN for once in your life and maybe you might get lucky for the first time in your pathethic life."

Just ignore these anonymous troll fuckers. Most of them are just bitter feminist cunts that can't stand the truth. Especially seeing how as they like to twist the truth into something that fits comfortably into their reality.

In their world if it doesn't imediately gratify, glorify, revolve around, put up on a pedestal, or benefit them in some way it is to be viciously attacked. Anything that upsets their fragile balance and doesn't quitely, painfully, reconform itself to fit into their version of reality must die. Just keep on keepin' on. People are gonna hate and attack no matter what. And you'd be surprised how many of these buck futers are men.... Actually, they're just castraited, shawdows of the men they used to be, now under the control of the Fempire. Kinda like the black riders in The Lord Of The Rings... They're just more angry and pussyfied.

Check out fred x, davout, and whatmanthinkofwomen women if you haven't already. They're all excellent blogs.... I'm finding that all of them are saying the same things. I have my own blog as well but it doesn't get much traffic because I hardly write much. You see, I recently got a girlfriend and am a bit confused about things. (she doesn't like any of the man-blogs) As if that'd stop me from reading or writing.

I'll post a link to your blog at my own okay. Maybe it'll help a bit.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dude:

Yes, San Diego is a mess. Trying not to be a small town, but not really a big city. You're a consultant - meet some chicks on the road.

Just don't get married, but it sounds like you want to. Read the California Family Code before you go down that road. Then, if you have half a brain, you'll rethink the whole thing.

Glad to see a Black voice joining the fight!

A woman said...

Ok first of all, the women your relative goes out with are NOT TOP NOTCH. Yes, they may have a bangin body and a pretty face but probably don't have anything else going on between their ears. What are they bringing to the table? See a top notch woman is not going to fight over some man. A top notch woman is not going to put up with cheating. A top notch woman is a lady. The woman your relative stole from you, she realized your potential. Which is why she wanted to continue dating you and yes you should count yourself very lucky you escaped her clutches.

Here is a bit of advice for you. Carefully investigate the background of any woman you want a relationship with. Does she have any kids? Does she work at a decent job? Has she or is she attending college? What type of friends does she hang out with? How does she act? Does she speak english? Does she use a lot of slang? What type of neighborhood does she live in? What about her relatives? Are the majority on welfare? Are they ghetto as hell? Remember you are not trying to get picked by a woman you need to do the picking.

NHY said...

Hey man,

Don't worry, this is very much a WORLDWIDE occurance now, I am from Ireland and see this almost all the time. I mean, I've seen some of the best looking girls out there going with the worst SCUM there is! I'm talking about violent guys, druggies, etc.

I've seen it happen, heck, there most of being 5 girls in my year banged up and having babies during my final year in Secondaty School! Its a disgrace!

I also believe in NOT paying for anything for the girl, unless they prove themsleves to me first, I'm very conscious about money and hate wasting on some skank!

Also, ignore all the people telling you ' OH NOES! You need to get laid and be a MAN! ' thats just shaming tactics from bitter feminists and mangina's!

Trust me, you are not alone on this, there are men ALL OVER THE WORLD who have similar problems. Screw them, you have your own life to live now. Its both a gift AND a curse but you might as well as make the most of it.

Thats my two cents anyway.

Later, dude.


R.Daneel Olivaw said...

That is funny.

"Be a man for once in your life"

Like how?
He has a job, educated, responsible with his money, responsible with his life, treats women with respect. And yet this is not being a man?! Show you how far this country has dropped into the shitter. This anonymous poster thinks BM cousin is a man. You and evryone who thinks like you is fucking pathetic. For christ sakes, do you even know what a man is? From your first post I'll say hell no.

Keep up the good work BM.

-R.Daneel Olivaw

Vee said...

I used to be some what like you. BUT I WASN'T WAITING PAST A WEEK. 3-MONTHS?!?

Stop taking these girls seriously. You're not alone it happens in NY, Philly, etc.

I'm not going to take any jabs at your character but I will say this, hopefully you learned something from your cousin.
Take charge. Don't become an irresponsible asshole but be firm, forthright and walk with authority. It should be obvious to you that your credentials really don't mean sh*t, unless you're a professional athlete or celebrity.

But really, simply don't give a sh*t and don't try. Some girls will get really confuse and do not attempt to kiss or f*ck her - make no commitments and tell her you have no intentions whatsoever, BE CLEAR. And when the first opportunity comes, refuse the sex. Note, this works best if you already have something on the side. BUT, BY ALL MEANS, PLEASE DO NOT BEG, OR submit to her female ways. Some women love to play a power game.

Anonymous said...

Hello Black Misogynist,

I generally go by Miles online, so you can think of me as such.

I have noticed the same things you have written about in your entries with this generation's women. It appauls me that so many women will have a kid with a thuggish brute "square-built" guy. I have noticed that across ethnic spectrums this is true. A large, square-framed guy with tatoos, lousy economic prospects, and prone to danger and violence, can literally be provided for by what one would think are classy women. Its astonishing.

White women (Im a white male) do indeed bitch and complain about latinas, asians, and even middle eastern girls who "land" "average" white men. These women werent even interested in those men during the hot dating years of 18-24. As they get older, they see the potential windfall of not marrying, but divorcing these same men while they continue to "bumfuck". Its amazing.

I think I know a great part of why this phenomena exists and its media-driven. Just about every movie we ever see shows us a pretty white female who is fought over by men for her affection in one way or another. White women have been spoiled to believe they are the penultimate trophy for all men on the face of the planet because they have grown up seeing this. I imagine in about 5-8 more years, when the generation of women in their mid-twenties get into their thirties, they will really be getting hysterical out there. The better men, who have watched their finances and credit that own decent homes or condos will be taken by the "nice" gals out there, whatever their race is. I imagine that men will turn more and more to "church" women of all kinds out of fear of our absurd divorce laws, opting to date women who religiously do not believe in divorce.

Feminism has created much of this mess, but the damned media is more to blame in many ways. The "mook" archtype (think Fred Durst) of the tough guy with buzzed hair and a buzzed beard, earring in an ear, shoulders hunched forward being positively portrayed as getting the hot females and being hyper-masculine, has led so many young fellas to emulate this that they are walking clones of each other. Im hoping that internet dating can quell alot of this stuff for decent men out there to be able to find women who are mature enough to see past this false bravado. Being a real man is being a good dad to the kids and husband to the wife and respectful to the inlaws and one's own parents. These broken families (and extended) families just hasten the decline of civil society and increase problematic youth that will be uncompetitive in the economy, stuck on nowhere.

Ba1anced said...


You must check out anything from Tariq Nasheed. He is not a "PUA" or "Dating Guru" but rather a life coach. His Books and DVD are really reasonably priced and he has alot of positive things to share with men, especially black men. At least check out this podcast.

Episode #15

"Value Yourself As A Man"

Finally, Doc Love of "THE SYSTEM: The dating dictionary" ( is kind of a "guru" but his material is VERY reality based (Chicago Man posts alot of his principles on his blog).

For me, reading these guys' material and coming across all of these wonderful mens blogs has taken away the burden of "performing for women in hopes of recieveing their approval". The focus now is to excell in life because I want to. Women will always be there, my time and life and earning / investing potential won't. Someone said "don't take women so seriously". Truer words have never been spoken. Getting mad at immature women's decisions is a waste of time and energy. What does it help in the end? You give those chicken heads too much power (attention) when you do that. CHARGE IT TO THE GAME, learn the lesson (keep your mind open and your heart closed), and move on as the powerful MAN you are (But do not know yet)

Houston, TX

Anonymous said...

The better looking the woman, the worse she is in bed.

I married a "10", a fricking hot woman. She was no good in bed but so hot I didn't care...for a while.

Since my divorce I've dated less attractive women who lick me all over and work hard to please me in bed.

Forget the women everyone wants, go for women who are goody-goody. They have all this pent-up sexual energy.

Get your butt to church or take a photography class. You'll meet women. Don't sweat over the party girls. They may have great tits and fly bodies, but you don't want the sores they will put on your dick.

Good girls fuck much better. Don't hate, just go after the right girls. Any girl who fucks a player is a "ho".

Jz said...

Folks, the PUA game will get you laid more with today's ho's (and possibly infected with an STD), but it will NOT help you maintain a stable relationship with a quality (honest, reliable, trustworthy, attractive, considerate, rational, etc.) woman.

Because those types of women are dinosaurs now in a world overrun with rats. They are close to extinct and practically simply don't exist in today's dating pool anymore. Maybe only if you scour some Amish or Muslim communes, lol.

Jz said...

In short, PUAs are an adaptation to the problem...but MRAs are the cure.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if you read this, but I'll post anyway. I found that so unsettling to read that I had to look away. I have a few comments:

1)Having a good job / being financially stable does not entitle you to female admirers, and the women it is attracting aren't what you want anyway, judging by your other posts.

2)Being educated can be attractive to women, but only to a certain sort of women, and only if you combine it with other traits, such as being cultured, erudite and intelligent. So your education is not going to make a massive difference to how women perceive you, they probably won't rank you any higher than a highschool dropout unless they care about $$$.

3)If your mindset is that you exchange $100 dates for "action", you're pretty much screwed from the outset, that's not how enjoyable sexual encounters happen.

4) Chill out. Some guys don't get women and some do. Don't worry about it. I think it's likely that women who have their shit together can sense your rage, and it puts them off.

5) You make some good points in a humorous way. Good blog.

Anonymous said...

Your blogs are confusing. You seem to want a woman, but you're a self proclaimed misogynist. By definition, that means you dislike women. Perhaps they see this, too.
Just something to consider.

Anonymous said...

^^ I know I thought the same till I looked at his first few entries.
He talked about how it was a joke or something in one of them.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh, thanks for clarifying that.

Anonymous said...

Hello Black Misogynist,

I am from Australia, and sadly the same thing happens here ie. women seem only interested in the "thugs" "bad boys"and "players", instead of the loyal dependable nice guy.

Well, my advice to you is, be proud of being yourself (a gentleman/nice guy).To hell with the "bad boys","thugs" and "players.

Sure, these guys will get far more pussy than you or I ever will,but so fucking what?? Does this make them better than you?? Does this make them "real" men.

And with the anti-male,pro-female family/divorce courts, you could be bankrupted for life should you become another divorce statistic.

Let's be honest feminism has completely fucked up the western world (e.g Australia, U.S.A, U.K etc).

Marriage for a men has become a game of Russian roulette, but this time the gun only has 2 chambers, and one of them has a live bullet (U.S divorce rate 50%,75% in California!!!).

As far as I am concerned, a real man is a man who takes care of his family ie. treats his wife and children well. Any moron can be a "thug", or "bad boy". Todays modern woman, would not know what a decent man was, even if she fell over one.

Finally, my advice to you Black Misogynist is this, ignore the brain dead morons who insult you, and the dumb as dogshit women who turn you down. It is they who have a problem NOT you. You sound like a decent,hardworking person. All the best to you. Great Blog!!!

Sydney, Australia

Anonymous said...

I'm in the same boat as you are Black Misogynist, but consider this. I learned that being ignored by women does have a silver lining. I was married once, and I unwittingly made myself into a 'Capt. Save a Ho" as you so correctly put it. It didn't take me long to figure out why otherwise good men walk out on women, they get treated with less consideration than the dirt on the sidewalk. I divorced her, and managed to avoid being ass-raped in court economically. Being ingored by these walking trainwrecks means you're not a target for a women seeking to trick a man into raising her bastards. You're not a target for the government and corrupt lawyers and judges who steal men's hard earned assets. If I were you, I would laugh at these bitches who run to the thugs and players, then tell them to go play in traffic when they come to you with illegitimate kids in tow. Avoid them, rebuke them. American women, whether they are white, black or brown, suck period. They have with few exceptions nothing to offer, but a lifetime of stress and the permanent possibility of financial, and personal ruin. Treat them the like cars, boats or planes. If it rolls, floats, flies, or f*cks, rent it. I am white, and there are many men of all races and creeds that have the same problem we do. We have common enemies, namely feminism, the state and what they've morphed women into to.


One Cossack in the war against femimism

Mamonaku187 said...


Don't even trip!

With all of the game you got, and are getting from the established MRA types, you will be able to separate the wheat from the chaff, and find a good girl of substance.

My advice? Go overseas! I prefer East Asia myself.

Don't settle for these selfish women out here. Finding a good American girl now a days is more trouble than its worth.

When you see what the world has to offer, you'll never think about these US women ever again!

Keep on bloggin.

Mike Hunter said...

You remind me of myself once. When women are young and pretty they want excitement, adventure, and are not ready to settle down.

Basically they want an 'Alpha Male' my suggestion to you is to: hit the gym and start getting big; buy some hip clothes; then approach women and BELIEVE that you are the shit and they are lucky to have a chance with you. To quote someone else: "You don't have to look like Brad Pitt you just have to have his attitude."

If you get blown off don't worry about it. Even if only 10% of the women out there give you a chance that means for every 10 woman you approach you're going to get in good with one.

Once you have their number you have to play the game of: 'he who cares the least'.

Don't call them for a day or two. Don't act like they are a big deal. And NEVER pay for their half of the date. Always give them the impression that if things don't work out with them it's no big deal.

This stuff seems to come easily to your brother because he is naturally an asshole. You'll have to learn how to control your behavior because you're a nice guy. And that's a problem because when you're young nice guys finish last.

Then when you know you can trust a girl, have found a girl that you might want to date for a while, or when you want to settle down. You can go back to being you.

I'd suggest that you read this:

And this:

Although I don't agree with them when they say not to be assertive when you first approach a chick. You have to be assertive to get that first contact then it's the game of "he who cares the least".

I hope that my advice has helped you. I was once in your shoes before someone laid it down for me.

Also I wouldn't worry about your brother he sounds like an asshole and karma will get him in the long run. He'll either end up in jail or living in poverty.

Masculist Man said...

Feminism has created much of this mess, but the damned media is more to blame in many ways. The "mook" archtype (think Fred Durst)

Have you ever actually listened to Limp Bizkit? If you had you would know that Durst brings up a lot of issues facing modern men in dealing with women and how women can take advantage of men.

drsnacks said...

What a whore! Why would you care about somebody who let some thug loser rub shit on her face with his dick?

drsnacks said...

Although this opening affords you no sympathy:
"An obvious great catch it seems like since he always has all these top notch women[and even more lower rung ones] fighting over him. You see, they usually find out about each other while he is dating/fucking three or four of them at a time.

Now, I am sure those of you reading this must be thinking he is some sort of stud. Must have his life together.Must be very attractive. Must have damn good game to be such a player."

Uh, no. Why would I think anything positive about someone dating/fucking three girls at a time? Why would you? What are you politics, exactly, involving sexual relations? Do you feel obligated be respectful of women if they are respectful of you, or do you just ask for it to go in your direction?

Anonymous said...

Most women these days are total whores, in spirit if not behind the bedroom door. Don't be upset about thugboy snatching this bitch out from under you. She was intent upon playing you for a sucker anyway. Skanks, sluts and bitches like that only have power because men pay attention to them. Be like me, IGNORE them, reject them if they try to approach you sexually, rebuke and avoid them. Don't give a shit about them, because they're nothing but shit on a stick anyway. A worthwhile woman is another story, but guys like your cousin should be nicknamed "Garbage Dick" because all they sleep with is garbage.


b said...


From what you wrote, I think you are the sort of guy who can respect women properly. Too bad that some women do not want to be respected (i.e. they want to be treated badly). You really dont want to date these women for they will f*ck you around and take advantage of you.

If you have good intentions then the right kind of women can sense that.

Finally Awake said...

Anonymous is truly classless and ignorant.
"Whining bitch" huh?The world needs more "whining bitches" like The Black Misogynist.
And the cousin is a true idiot.Karma will bite him on his ghetto ass on down the line.

Anonymous said...

Someone calling themselves a misogynist and then getting mad at not getting married?
Good luck on dying alone.