Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Norbit.........I hope this movie bombs.

Basically, Nerdy wimpy emasculated black man gets bossed around by big fat angry ghetto loud obnoxious black woman. Enter beautiful woman and nerdy wimpy emasculated black man has to scheme to get rid of the overbearing loud fat black woman.
Sounds awesome doesn't it? It gets even better, Eddie Murphy yet again is playing another woman.

Seems to be his and a few other black actors forte now. Playing the loud fat black women stereotype like a bunch of stupid drag queens.
I always hope these crappy movies full of black stereotypes that the ignorant folks can all laugh at and the American media can further warp everybodies sense of racial stereotypes in the name of the all loving dollar. Every time I see movies like this I hope they bomb completely so Hollywood can stop with these bullshit movies.

Hey, I got a movie idea, How about a movie with Black Americans that all act "normal" instead of loud and ghetto?
Nah, That shit wouldn't make any money.


Anonymous said...

I'm no big fan of Mr. Murphy as he has abused whatever talent he has.

I REALLY hope that "Diary of a Tired Black Man" goes national. Free clip at

the black avenger said...

trust mem, norbit will bomb. murphy hasn't had a successful movie in a loooooooooong time. also, this format is getting tiresome. madea is the only one that can continue with success in this format.

also, get rid of that word verification crap. annoying.

Vee said...

Flip Wilson made the trend popular in the 70's. Some times you can't blink without seeing a grown man playing the role of a woman. Why, I don't know why?
At least Wesley Snipes expressed regret of ever doing the movie "To Wong Fu, blah, blah."

Martin, Tyler Perry, Jamie Foxx, practically all the Wayans - they even played white chicks, Chris Tucker (ask him if he'll do that again), and the list freaking continues.

The trend was and is tired. I'm sure, well I hope Eddie is just fulfilling contractual obligations. But what is integrity when you can garner a couple of millions to play the stereotypical-big-fat-obnoxious-woman.

On a lighter note, his performance in the Nutty Professor was nothing short of brilliant playing almost the entire Klump clan. I thought he should have been recognized or nominated for some kind of award.

I HOPE, PRAY, Tired Black Man, gets released nationally or even a limited release. If not, I hope there are some decent ad dollars that will increase public awareness. I even hope it turns into one of those cheesy plays. I'll go watch it.

Anonymous said...

This is miles,


There is nothing funny about any of the underclass, whether it be rednecks in trailer parks, or blacks in ghettos.

Ever notice how the "elite" just love to make fun of the tastes and folkaways of the less fortunate?

If the "elite" were made to send their children to shiity public schools (like I was) and not allowed to buy them tutors, and not allowed to acculturate them with operas, art museums, extensive vacations and the like............their kids would be like regular American kids.

Who imparts culture to our youth and tells them "what is cool"? The mass fuucking media does. MTV, with its Judy McGrath, a despicable feminazi, imparts the lion's share of it. We get socialized from the time we are in around the fifth grade to the tenth grade. By that time, we are pretty much on the path to be what we are going to be. Personally I think the grades 6 through 9 are the "tantamount" years that determine how most of us turn out.

So if that kid in LaGrange, Georgia grows up liking NASCAR and fishing instead of liking to design new computer software, who's fault is it really? The nation supposedly needs more techno-geeks, but lets the lion's share of its damned offspring not recieve the education that it needs to become whats necessary. The kid in Brooklyn that is absolutely in love with rap is failed too.

.......And there are the gated-community elitists staring down their noses at all of us whispering to each other "they drink beer, eat hot-wings, watch cars race in circles, or they like to "trick out their rides" and "listen to loud music on expensive audio systems that cost several thousands of dollars", and enjoy watching sporting events, while our children are doing better "things" like "saving the environment" or some such........

I have felt that since about 1990 or so, the damned media has been at war with the middle class and below...........attempting to sleazify it by showing it flickering images of sex, violence, scandal, depravity, and bling, and debt over and over and over. The icons set out forth by the mainstream media for young black men to emulate, playas in the entertainment and sports worlds, excel in an area that only FEW can.

I dont know if anyone remembers the hot 80's topic of "the brain drain" (its never really ended) that had so many talented college students trying to get into law school to become blood-sucking lawyers, while our science and tech programs thirsted for students, but its analagous to what is shown to young black and white men by the media now. The media ought to be glorifying Joe the Plumber and Kent the Electrician, and Tom the software programmer...........because those are the kind of folks who are the backbone of the country. Intsead these guys get portrayed as goofs while the media salivates over jerk-off athletes or dipshit racecar drivers, strung-out "musicians", and "dangerous" rebellious types. Its a mind-fuckin' to the ladies that these types of men are presented as "desirable". Its just as much bullshit that a cock-addicted whore like Paris Hilton is parrotted as "desirable" to us. I'd like to drop kick that skank right in her pussy over the goal post at the super bowl tommorow.

magic8balls said...

And guess who owns MTV & BET?

Mass purveyors of mental opium to this country?

Sumner Redstone - another rich, old Jew who loves pimping trash more than Jerry Springer (another smut-peddling Jew exploiting the Trash Class).

Anonymous said...

Very true magic8balls,

Very very true.

mondo said...

I'm wondering if 'Norbit' is implying that having a geeky old asian man as your dad is bad for your masculinity. No wonder why asian-american men have it so bad in this country.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I got a movie idea, How about a movie with Black Americans that all act "normal" instead of loud and ghetto?

Wasn't that movie already made?


The Jerk (Eddie) got all the poon, Mr. Nice Sensitive Caring Guy (David Allen Grier) couldn't get a date to save his life, and the manipulative career woman beeyotch (Robin Givens) gets screwed in the end.

Probably the last really good movie Eddie made.

vee said...

Norbit made about $33 million in its opening week.

I guess Martin Lawerance might do a Big Momma III.

Christianj said...

I am really looking forward to those mommas being re-educated by this movie. Talk about attitude..

"there is no good black man out there" say's one privileged princess.

Got news for you "girrrllll".

There ain't no women, period, out there worth knowing of any colour or creed.

ThugBlack said...

Well you say you're a black man so why are you linked to Eternal Batchelor, the limp ass white male who caint git nun so blames his sexual frustration on black men?

Am I wrong? Well check this; You gotta interpret the words those losers use.

E.G., when they say Thug, who do you think they're talking about?

Sheesh are you willing to prostrate yourself just to keep tight with a bunch of white nerds?

If you're a black man - fix up man.

On the Norbit thing, well I'm a reciprocal misogynist and a reciprocal racist, if you're black man hater this black man hates ya right back.

I support Eddy's film because it mocks a particularly distateful type of black woman and charicatures that personality type brilliantly.

I have no problem with a black man making a film which offends black women, coz I hate with everything I got the legions of vile black man haters like Oprah, Star Jones, Alice Walker, Whoopi Goldberg, et al.

These grand dames of misandry have built their "reputations" insulting Black men, therefore I aint got any use for em.

Hey guess what? they're fat, loud and obnoxioux too, I wonder if EDDIE . . . .

Ya feel me?



If this makes it past the censors, I anticipate a some unfriendly responses from the snowfright hoarde -

and here's my pre-emptive response:

I hear what you sayin frostbite and if I understand you correctly what you're saying is

Waaah waaaah waaah waaaah waaah waaaah waaah waaaah waaaah

I'm a lame mofo who caint git nun coz I aint got no game.

You have my WIMPathy and my sincere ANTIPATHY.


Anonymous said...

I ain't a black man, and I sure don't think of black when I hear the word thug. I know too many white thugs. But, if there are a lot of black thugs, it's because a lot of black women choose to raise kids with no father around. That's the same cause for most of the white thugs.

It isn't race, it's family structure. First, slavery messed up black fathers. Then, all the Mississippi-style racism blacks faced for 100 years, then the feminist movement. No one can make me admit that black babies aren't born with the same potential as white babies.

When I was a kid, I was raised in a very racist family, in rural Midwest. Still, my childhood hero was George Washington Carver, his story and his love for plants really touched me when I was very young.

In 1957, I read a book which changed my life: BLACK LIKE ME. Anyone who hasn't read that book is not fully educated in my (probably stupid) opinion. But, it is my opinion.

I am in a multi-ethnic family, and am currently in Mexico in the Third World village where my wife was born and raised. My kids call a black LADY, from the Quad-Cities, Grandma. (And, she is indeed a lady, we don't see many like her any more, including her loud, noisy daughter.) In my opinion, I would not ever again want to live in an all-white environment. Weird, but true.

My wife's foster mother is around 90 now. As she aged, I used to visit her, and after her husband died, old 'boy' friends used to come around. They were gentlemen of the old school, well dressed with exquisite manners, certainly superior to my clumsy bohemian ways, and I used to ask them about the old days.

They had very interesting tales to tell of the days when blacks faced open discrimination. They worked hard and loved and married and raised and educated their families. I loved those brave old guys, and was really sad when they passed on. I suspect their own kids never bothered to listen to their life stories. I was blessed to have such an opportunity.

Here in Mexico, people see only the TV and movie representations, and think most blacks are druggies and pimps. My best friend was really surprised when I told him most blacks in the US are educated people who live standard middle class lives, the ghetto bums usually shown on TV are a minority.

>>Ever notice how the "elite" just love to make fun of the tastes and folkaways of the less fortunate?

Actually, no, what I see is extreme bigotry and hostility, no fun to it, with claims the lower classes should be sterilized, because the stupid people are having too many kids, and the intelligent people aren't having enough kids, etc.

I am one who wouldn't exist if they had their way with eugenics. My great-grandfather came over from Ireland, and worked in the quarries (See Grant Wood's painting of STONE CITY, his house is the small one at the back of the painting, that land is still in the family after 130 years) until at age 65, in 1894, he was killed by a falling rock. He had a lot of 'stupid' low class kids. That should have not been permitted, right?

My grandfather was also a laborer, then a dirt farmer, and he also had a lot of 'stupid' low class kids. That should have not been permitted, right?

My dad was a dirt farmer, and then a warehouseman, and he had a lot of 'stupid' low-class kids. That should not have been permitted, right?

So, the social class bigots would have sterilized my whole family if they had their way.

I worked as a factory electronics technician, and though I went in my 30s and got a college degree in accounting, and passed the CPA exam, many of the hotshot office types wouldn't even let their kids play with my scummy, low class kids, though one must admit the fact they were minorities might have had something to do with it.

They did me a favor. My eldest son is a math research professor at Bowling Green U. My youngest son is nearing the end of his second year of med school (VCOM). My youngest daughter, the dyslexic, has a Master's degree, and is working on her second. My eldest daughter is a stay at home mom, with a bachelor's degree. Even the young Mexican woman who lived with us a few years ago, got an Associates degree, the first member of her family to go to college.

If those bigots had let their stupid under-achieving little jerks play with my brilliant genius kids, they might have messed up my kids. Hee, hee.

Even ghetto families, in my opinion, have plenty of intelligence in their genes, waiting for the right opportunity. What they don't have is dads and moms whose very name gets them in the best schools, and the best jobs after school. There are a steady stream of successful people coming out of the ghettos, and in the next hundred years, some, perhaps many, of our most famous leaders and scientists will come from there, and they will be, shudder, tremble, gasp, black!!

My racist siblings are gonna' hate living here, hee, hee.

Anonymous age 64

The Black Misogynist said...

Well you say you're a black man so why are you linked to Eternal Batchelor

Because I am in charge of that mans site.....Right?

never asked to be linked anywhere and he can do whatever he wants on his. I gave thanks and that was about it.

Nothing else you put down was worth touching on.

Thugblack said...

@BM who wrote:

"Nothing else you put down was worth touching on."

and I say:

Other than to acknowledge the truth of it.


ThugBlack said...

@Anonymous age 64

That was an interesting post, albeit, revealing some of the liberal attitudes that make me wary of those espousing them.

But I'll take it for what it is and applaud you for being something of a philanthropist.

Being a qualified but non-practicing misanthropist myself, (if I was practicing I'd be in politics),I guess I should be repulsed by



But I'm not, In fact I discovered something common to people lovers and people haters:



Ya feel me A64?

Mamonaku187 said...

I feel you BM.

Unfortunately, I had to write off sistas a long time ago.

I figured out that you can't make a ho into a housewife.

I'm not saying that all Black women suck, but 80% of them do. Not marriage material in the slightest.

Unsurprisingly, every Black woman I know loves this movie...

r. daneel olivaw said...

How do figure Eternal Bachelor is talking about Black men? Have you even read his blog? And if you did, how did you come to the conclusion that he can't get none?

-r. daneel olivaw

Masculist Man said...

Part of that trailer was funny,the part where she went through thr wall from the slide.

Anyway,check out this blog.

starlite said...

George Washington Carver

Why was he so brilliant? Never had a woman... This was common for most geniuses - including Tesla. All living proof that most women only nag & drag Men down!

Thugblack - If it weren't for guilty liberal "limp ass white males who caint git nun" civilizing & subsidizing your Black azz in this country - you'd be living like a Stone Age monkey in a mud hut in Nigeria or Liberia right now. Be careful about biting the hand that feeds you, boy.

ThugBlack said...



a mud hut in an African jungle or a cave erected in the sky in a concrete jungle in America.

Decision decisions decisions.

Tell me which one is civilisation again?

Well at least I know who to blame for making the world a bitter place -

frost sac.

"Be careful about biting the hand that feeds you, boy."

Now this is good advice, but uneccesary -

for me.

Ise be smarter dese days coz I always get my food tasters to do it for me - you know da feminists and da homos.

They eat da food and bite both your hands.

Is dat why you so mad - boss, cos dey lef you widdout a hand to stroke your limp sef wid.


Anonymous said...

Isn't comedy part of laughing at each others stereotypes? The fact of the matter is they're large black women that act like this, even worse. You see them in public yelling out loud and giving attitude to everyone. If you don't fit the profile of loud ghetto fat black woman, then you're good. If you are that character, then realize this is how you're precieved, then change your attitude and diet, be polite and courteous. Black folks that are uneducated have a tendancy to adopt the stereotype of being as black and ignorant as possible so they can fit in. Like black men who say, " im a real nigga." All of them trying to be tupac or biggie. Most got they're chin up, looking tough even at a kiddy party. Its time to stop and grow up my black people thst havent figured it out yet. They used ignorance to justify treating us discrminately. Dont play their games any more. NWA, snoop, cube, and all their thug clones are all products of the white rich Jew who exploited the opportunity to commercialize black music and culture to make a profit. Now, they no longer need black artist because these white artist have integrated themselves and these white people are buying their CDS. The fact of the matter is all black folks are individuals. Its okay to be different. You don't have to be a thug or loud and ghetto like the character on norbit. Just be yourself, and spprecota