Monday, June 25, 2007


The site Won't be getting anymore updates.

Use to be one of the first sites I would hit up when I got home and jumped online.

Hopefully good luck goes that mans way.


vee said...

YO! That was my favorite blog. I usually read it at work. I found about your blog via Eternal Bachelor!

Duncan sounds like he will be doing well anyway.

Anonymous said...

now if the rest of you asshole losers would only follow his example :)

Sociopathic Revelation said...

Don't worry, Anon, we'll just up the ante for your viewing pleasure.


Anonymous said...

He's Back!!!!

manrespect said...

Black Misogynist,

I'm keeping an up-to-date register of all significant MRA/Antifeminist/MGTOW bloggers here and you are included.

If you'd like your entry re-worded, or would prefer not to be included, contact me at manrespectadmin@gmail

Regards, Rob Case

Anonymous said...

reject vagina