Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Just a few.......

A few quick rants this time around.

#1 - Just because I don't act like the black stereotype doesn't mean I am an uncle tom.

This isn't directed at other blacks this time. No, This is towards white people.
Why is it that whenever you find out that I don't listen to hip hop. Don't use any slang when I speak and think Jesse Jackson is a crook and Al sharpton is a media whore you quickly start acting like I am an uncle tom? Willing to be a fucking sidekick to you and your group of friends who will laugh and say "HA HA YOU ARE ALL SO RIGHT ON HA HA HA HA HA" whenever you start going on about how much you don't like blacks? Right before you make sure to remind me that "You don't mean me, I am different from the others!"

Seriously, I got this a few times when the Don Imus thing happened. Regardless of what the media tries to portray, Al sharpton doesn't speak for Black America. So, just because I take his word as gospel doesn't mean I am somehow "less black" than those who do. I don't want or need to hear about how much you think black people commit too many crimes and hate all black people who say racism does exist, about how stupid you think it is that all black people care about “rims.” About how some random black just happened to use the race card on you and how damned wrong it was.
Considering how just five minutes ago you were telling me how so many black people you run across “smell bad” he just might have had a point.
Also cute how when I do get offended by it you proclaim “Gee Mr. BM I guess I was wrong I thought you were not like the rest of them”


#2 – Attention all fat white women. Not all black men want you. Deal with it and move on.

Seriously. I seem to get two attitudes from them. They either expecting me to be all over them then get mad when I don’t. Or they turn on the bitch shield full blast to try to “deter” me from hitting on them.
I am at the point where I am going to stop trying to be diplomatic about it next time you try to send a friend to come talk to me for you. Only to then get fuming mad when I turn you down and try to explain to me about how I am such a dick for leading you on.
No, I wasn’t leading you on or hitting on you that is called being polite and respectful you damn whale. Yes, I am nice enough to not automatically snub you hardcore like everybody else does. Don’t take that as me wanting to put my penis in you.
Oh what was that? Oh I must be a shallow prick like “all the other men out there” you say? I should learn to look past looks you say?
Sure ok, How about you go date that fat white star wars nerd over there who is a bad dresser, just as overweight as you are. What? Not interested? Why he might be a great guy and you aren’t the shallow type right? Oh, guess that was bullshit huh. Way to complain about shallowness when you are the one who is 150 pounds overweight trying to chase after guys who are in shape and have great jobs and ignore others based on criteria that is just as shallow. But it isn’t all their fault. Which leads me to…..

#3 – To the black men who have their shit together and chase the fattest, grossest, white girls. Why?

Now, I can understand why the jobless thugs in there 30s and 40s who are no more fun to anybody else and thus are no longer wanted except by desperate fat white women. However, I am seeing way to many black men out there who are in shape and are attractive. Should have no issue with finding other women with their shit together. Shacking up with 300 pound white women? They don’t particularly seem like they are that compatible and don’t seem that passionate outside of very public displays that seem to be more for other people to see than actual real passion. It is almost as if they are only with her for attention.
What kind of attention it is they are seeking? I have no fucking clue. Most of the time it can't be because he just loves her personality. Since often times she is either bitchy and demanding or just a lazy simpleton.

That is all for now. But I have a few other topics I am going to be putting up so unlike the last few post. There isn't going to be a two month wait for something new to read >_>


C said...

I'm white, but myself and my friends have all had problems with fat white girls. We are fit, them, fat, doesn't mix.

Your damned if you do, and damned if you don't.

If you go for fat girls, your a loser.
If you refuse, your a jerk.

No way to win, so fuck em do whats best for #1.

Anonymous said...

Well said as always in your insightful post TBM. I consider the likes of Al Sharpton to be one of black Americans biggest enemies, not allies. HE definitely doesn't speak for black people, let alone anyone else other than his agenda. Also, it galls me just as much to see white kids listening to gangsta rap as black kids, and many older black folks I know despise it for what it is. Namely a toxin for the mind and soul. As for girls who are hugely fat like some Orc from Lord of the Rings, they're repulsive no matter what color they are. Same for the ones with the rotten, self-entitlement attitude. Since most American women, white, black and brown are walking trainwrecks, the best thing is to go your own way why they discover why they should trust Duracell while surrounded by cats.


Acolyte said...

Attention all fat white women. Not all black men want you. Deal with it and move on.

Very well stated! And I do agree well to do black men need to steer away from the whales!

smw said...

Another on point block, black mysoginist.

What I love is when white folks would try to talk to you in slang. I look at them and say, dude you're white, be yourself. I never understood that. That goes for everyone, be yourself, regardless of what skin shade you have.

It's funny the whole in shape brotha with a fat white woman has been a running joke between my friends and I for the longest. I'll admit, when I was younger and didn't know my way around women, I talked to a couple of big girls, but you have to have some self respect. I think the reason they do it is because
A) They can't or believe they can't do better
B) They're easy and they're to lazy to go after a more attractive women
C) They are so hung up on white women that they'll jump on any that gives them some play.

Oh yeah, I hate Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson with a passion. They're race hustlers that are getting paid by selling misery. They do more harm to the black community than a bigot with a white hood could dream of doing.

Rhythmic said...

Man I know exactly what you mean about fat white women. I never understood it either.

I get the snub attitude from them all the time as if I am 5 seconds away from hitting on them. The worse thing of it is that these same morons actually belive they are still somehow sexy and shit because they have all these inshape guys raising their ego by still trying to get with them.

It is even worse when that fat woman happens to be part of a clique where she is the ugly one. As she'll make it a point to try to diss you hardcore to put on a show for her more attractive friends.

If you are black and show interest in her friends that are in shape..... She'll get all huffy and on your jock to try to "beat" her friends then cockblock you when you tell the bitch to go eat a cheeseburger.

tba said...

as far as the issue with white men and race I've (surprisingly) never gotten into a big discussion about race. But I don't doubt things happen as you describe, BM!

On fat white women, I don't understand why ANY guy (black or white) would go after them. With all that skin folding over due to their fat I just have this fear that they STINK LIKE HELL.

Hell, I'm not even a booty man (like most brother are) because I just think that if a chick got a booty that big It's gotta stink often from sweat and trapped air.

but I can't stand a woman who think she hot and is NOT. Even worse is when they try to have standards of beauty in men when they are nasty and ugly themselves. They should think their lucky stars that ANY man would want to even LOOK at them.

Thugblack said...

Well said BM, every so often Black Men who don't conform to PC or Anti-PC doctrines have to make it clear that we are INDEPENDENT thinkers.

I hate Black Liberals as much as I hate Black Conservatives -

just as I hate White liberals as much as I hate White conservatives.

Hate em all because they've all got one thing in common - UNANYMITY on hating Black men.

As for Sharpton and Jesse?

The fact that those dudes piss White folks off is neither here or there for me.

Whites don't give a damn if Bush and Hilary irritate the hell outta me.

Therefore I don't feel the need to justify the politics of any Black man to anybody White.

So fuck em if they got a beef with Sharpton and Jesse.

Now onto the White fatty gig.

Well for me that's just funny. Aint got too much experience with fat white girls myself, so I'm sittin this one out.


On fat Black women - (as if there's another kind over the age 21) now yer gettin me mad.

From what I've observed fat White women at least have the good grace to be ashamed of being fat and drop their standards accordingly.

But with Black women being fat IS the standard, and men are expected to do the droppin - preferably to our knees in worship.





mmm mmm mmm!


Anyway, one thing I do admire about White dudes is their problem solving ability.

Don't matter what the problem, once a White dudes on it you know it'll soon be fixed.

These dudes are workin on fixin this feminism problem. And it'll soon be fixed, while the only problem we're workin on is how to get into the panties of fat hags.

Once they've slapped their women folk back into line, who you think they're comin after next?

Been looking for some like minded Brothaz for the longest and your blog is the closest thing to sense from a Black man I've found. The rest are just MAMAZ BOYZ - in the most pathetic sense of the term.

We're in a far worse shape than White men on gender issues.

Just started my own blog -

Hit me up at

The Equal Opportunist @


Only got a few posts so far, but it's time for Thugblack aka Julesproves aka The Equal Opportunist -

to step into the fray.


Anonymous said...

Thugblack, femininsm and the damage it's doing to men have nothing to do with us being white, black or purple. If one has a pecker and a pair o' nuts, he's a hated enemy to feminists and the corporate elites. If they had their way, we'd all be chained together literally like those chaingangs in the old South. We have the same problems, namely our ability to earn a livingb eint taken from us at every turn, fat, whiny bitchy women who see us as a blank check at best, and a government who regards us as bullet stoppers and production units, not people. It, and the people really running it from the shadows are not our friends, they are oppressors, and thus our common enemy. They do everything they can to play us off against each other. Black men who work for a living have nothing to fear from MOST working white men, but all working men have a great deal to fear from the rich, who are predominantly white. I guaruntee you they fear white men gathering in numbers a lot more than black men. We'll either stand together and eventually prevail after a long hard struggle, or hang separately. Yes I am a white guy who long ago woke up to a picture that is staring America in the face but most people step around like a dog mine on the driveway.


tba said...


you are right that feminism has nothing to do with race- that it affects ALL men. However, just like an increase in taxes hurts the poor the most, feminism has hurt the black community the most.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you there. It definitely harmed the black more than any other. But the white community's not far behind yours in the devastation feminism has wrought.


Anonymous said...

That should read black community......


Masculist Man said...

Why is it that whenever you find out that I don't listen to hip hop.

I'm a white man who hates country music so I know what you mean.

Attention all fat white women. Not all black men want you.

I have yet to see that.

To the black men who have their shit together and chase the fattest, grossest, white girls. Why?

I think it is due to slavery,"the white man took my freedom so I'm going to take his woman" which is fine with us otherwise we're stuck with these whales.

Masculist Man said...


You're a punk and bitch. You're the asshole who sets things back and you're the one who is going to make the KKK look like the good guys in the white community. I would love to see Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson at the end of a rope along with you. Fuck off bitch.

Thugblack said...

You're a punk and bitch. You're the asshole who sets things back and

What lil ole me, all by myself?

I got that much power?


Well I'll have to learn to use my powers MORE


you're the one who is going to make the KKK look like the good guys in the white community.

I don't think the KKK need any help from me to look good in the eyes of Whites.

Lookin good in the RAYS of the sun does seem to be a problem for y'all tho.


Now fuck off and go get a tan bitch.

Hoorah for AL and Jessie.

Masculist Man said...

What lil ole me, all by myself?

No,not by yourself but you are not alone in your opinion. In fact I've heard your opinion throughout the media and black community.

I don't think the KKK need any help from me to look good in the eyes of Whites.

You're helping them more than you'll ever know. I would think long and hard if I were doing something to help the Nation of Islam which is an anti-white racist organization.

Anonymous said...

What gets me is the used up fat white chicks who go for black males simply because nobody else wants them. I know of a street in my city where there is a couple of houses where fat chicks with stairstep children live. Over the years they've gone off on eachother accusing eachother of being drug addicted. Neighter one of them should talk, they both have the tell tale bad teeth of a person with an addiction to cocaine -- i'm sure people have seen this before -- but also have the psycho behavior of such. Another attraction to these loser fat cunts with stair step children is the fact they have a couple of young part black children too. Obviously after all the white thugs had dumped a load in and left they went for whatever would put it in their used up bodies. What the fuck is up with black guys going for these used up fat slob cunts? Is it desparation or a soul on ice fantasy?

Anonymous said...

I think men are to blame for this rise in feministic behaviour. Back in the day so many married men were having affairs, even high-profiled men who thought they could have their cake and eat it. While their docile wives got their heart-broken time after time. I think after the Clinton affair, many women felt pity for his wife and decided they didn't want to be like her, they wanted to be prepared with an revenge exit strategy or have the upper hand by having many conquests.

So many men placed demands on their wife to look good, while they sat around on the sofa watching football not paying any attention to their wife, to their own figure, getting beer bellies and ungroomed faces.

The rise in this behaviour you see from woman today has come from tv, you tried to curb it by saying women should be more feminine and many did and now they all think they can be movie stars or some arm candy on some celebs arm because of it. Men equated feminine behaviour to being more sexually desirable to only get they wanted instead of it being equated to something else such as being warm or motherly or essential for being seen as an more whole and approachable person. So now women use their femininity to get mens money or whatever they want. When men have an agenda and push something such as they did with feminity it will always produce an even selfish monster because it was produced from selfish minds for their own selfish pleasure instead of striking a balance which would work for both parties. And that is the crux of the matter.

Amanda R. Brown said...

Everyone has an opinion but no real knowledge to back it up.

dior.cc said...

how come you dont write anymore