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Good ol' Juneteenth.

On a day that is suppose to celebrate when slaves finally got word that they were free…and they decide to pick fights and jump on top of cars breaking them (search youtube) kill a man who was in a car that had hit a child (who ended up only with minor injuries) and just outright start shooting people?

What the fuck?
I’ve read about this on a few other blogs and have caught the stories on some news stations and both seem to have one of two approaches to talking about this.
1- They don’t touch the irony of it at all and just dance around it the whole time.
2- They use the opportunity to vent their closet racism.
The end.

I expected as much. There has been a concentrated effort to stifle any sort of real and constructive conversation on anything affecting the black community negatively. While everybody mostly associates that effort to liberal black activist leaders (sharpton and such) but the truth is that are really just useful lackeys. None of them are the ones who control the media and decide what gets pushed in what sort of way.

All of those Juneteenth incidents are just the latest crap out there that should be causing a constructive dialog on just what the hell is up with young adult blacks in America to happen.

The thing that I am worried about is that things seem to be getting worse and worse. Eventually it is going to hit a boiling point where everybody comes out and just get outright sick of it. Sick of the gang violence, Displays of downright ignorance and decide that all the “racism is bad” mindset is bullshit and shit is going to turn back into something similar into pre-1960s race relation wise.

Worse yet is that most other blacks seem content to follow along with ignoring the issues completely. Everybody had some shit to say about the Don Imus controversy (including somehow managing to blame hiphop) and that went on for days and days. Hyped up as some sort of shining example of the issues blacks face. Yet when bill cosby drops something real? He is quickly shunned, called senile and irrelevant and the media quickly finds something else to talk about.

***Puts on tin foil hat***
Time to get conspiracy theory on yall asses. Want to know why any sort of constructive dialog on how to fix the issues within the black community just doesn’t happen? It is because they don’t want them to be fixed. They, being those who wanted a quick resolution to the civil rights movement without black america truly rising up and bettering ourselves. Most of the current liberal black activists were in tight with Martin Luther King. If you take some time to actually research a lot of his speeches and his dreams for the black community you’ll find that a lot of the things he wanted for blacks, Actually get blacks dragged though the mud by the modern media. He wanted an equal opportunity for blacks. He wanted his grandchildren to have a chance to go to a good school, study and get into a good college without the color of their skin hindering them. To get in on their own merit and hard work not expecting free handouts. He preached against black on black violence and demanded those in black neighborhoods to put in the effort to clean up their neighborhoods. Not whine about why the government or the state doesn’t come do it for them. He made it a point to point out bad black behavior and the need to take responsibility and fix them.
So, Why is it that now when bill cosby says the same shit nobody wants to pay attention? What happened to those who worked close with him who now don’t bother calling out bad behavior within the black community beyond little red herrings? (Such as blaming it all on hiphop)

Well, How about this explanation. MLK got assassinated those responsible got told to get with the new program and scared/bribed them into keeping in line. That or at the very least they realized what was going on when all the other positive and charismatic leaders were ending up killed with plenty of signs pointing to it being government setups.
I am pretty sure everybody has heard of the black panthers. Nowadays when you think of the black panthers you think of a black supremacy group along the same lines of the KKK who were violent and radical.
This is wrong. I had an uncle (rip) who was in that group and he told me what they really were like and about. Guess what? They actually set up groups to help young blacks study and get their grades up. Created community outreach programs to provide positive role models to fatherless young black children (that was when it was starting to happen and get out of control) they went right up against youth violence and were actually getting the crime rates down in Oakland while they were at the height of popularity. They were strongly for strong families and for education and not relying on government welfare. They were making the ghettos of Oakland better and better. They were getting drug abuse rates down and helping those stay clean. They helped brothers get jobs and start their own businesses.

So what happened? The CIA, The FBI and the local police decided enough was enough and started doing shit to discredit the black panthers. Propaganda started to be run in the media about them and spun speeches into about how they were about violent black separatism. When there was violence in a black neighborhood the news outlets said it was caused by the black panthers. All working together to try their hardest to discredit them and stop Newton(one of the founders) from becoming another MLK.
Why? He was solving the problems that to this day plague us to this day. Yet the police would purposely bait the panthers and provoke them by randomly rolling into black neighborhoods and harassing residents knowing they would come to protect them and made sure the cameras were rolling.

Easy, They didn’t want him to. That simple. Thus they had him killed to eliminate the problem. The whole “drug deal gone bad” was just a farce on the media’s part and plenty of people know that the whole thing was just a set up.
This is something that is going to happen to happen to any black American with the charisma to effect positive change. This is why Bill Cosby was dragged though the mud by the media and their black activist lackeys making sure nobody listen to them. Why others who don’t keep the same politically correct line of thinking get called whitewashed and uncle tom and such. That is why I view anybody black using those types of words are doing nothing but helping along the plan. Using other blacks to keep blacks in check. Every time everybody jumps on the bandwagon for the latest lynching of somebody white who says or does something minor is helping along the plan. Hyping those moments up as society fighting back against racism. You know, the same racism they claim is keeping us in poverty. (not the lack of motivation and contentment in mooching off welfare) The same racism that is keeping us out of colleges (not the fact that many view hard work ethic in education as selling out and that the media plays a role in perpetuating that)

Now, None of this is to say that there isn’t racism out there. Blacks do indeed have to work twice as hard to get anywhere in this country and to get respect.
However, Too many look at that fact and give up. Mostly because they are barraged by propaganda telling them to give up all though their lives. That it isn’t either their fault but others fault so don’t bother to try till it stops. But don’t worry it will end soon because we are getting right on fixing that racism issue! Oh yea, Somebody white said something a tad bit non PC and here is Al sharpton to tell you why that small non pc slip is responsible for all of your ills in life.

Sad shit.


tba said...

great post. A lot of what is going on with prominent blacks is explained in "The Miseducation of the Negro". when I first learned about the community activism of the black panther party I was pissed. Not knowing any better (before I learned to THINK independently), I bought the whole line that the panther party was a black version of the KKK. Not so. More than MLK, Malcolm X is my guy.

I hate what they have done to Bill Cosby. Here's a guy trying to get our young brokers to WAKE UP and he gets trashed (especially by Michael Eric Dyson). Of course, the non-elites and non-intellectuals in the community FULLY agree with Cosby but he gets trashed non-the-less.

tba said...


Masculist Man said...

It was the black panthers who threatened the 3 Duke lacrosse players with bodily harm and it was black racism that put them in harm's way in the first place. The false accuser,Crystal Gail Mangum,didn't accuse the lone black lacrosse player,just the white ones and she was heralded by the media for a long time as a "victim" before being exposed and she has been overheard saying how she is going to get money out of "rich white boys". So I would say you are wrong;Black Panthers does equal KKK and until you clean up your own racist attitudes don't blame us (white America) for anything.

tba said...

I'm not concerned about the panther party as it exists today, just like I don't care about the naacp. I don't doubt that the panther is not like as it once was, neither is the naacp. are u going the say that the naacp was created as a racist organization? But if you have links to prove that the original bp was racist at its core, then I'm willing to look at it and change my mind.

I don't know where you glean from my writings that I am a black racist (or from BM's)? Why is it that whites hate talking about race? The black community is in disintegration. There is a need to talk about ALL issues contributing to it- both personal AND politcal- REGARDLESS of whom it may offend. This nation's future is tied to the health of the black community.

tba said...

WHAT THE F..K!!!!!!!!!!

I would love to see Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson at the end of a rope along with you. Fuck off bitch.

Masculist Man,

And you have the GALL to refer ANYONE a "black racist"??? Maybe you don't like what thugblack said and/or the way he said it but why the HELL are you advocating lynchings???

You can hate Al and Jesse without wanting them hanged. Or, to give another example, you can hate feminism without wanting to "beat them to bloody pulp" or have them wear burkas.

You can have your disagreements, but there's no need to speak like that MM!!

Rhythmic said...

lol, I see MM didn't do anything other than skim though that whole post then assume that BM was somehow blaming all of white america for racism.

Maybe you should have spent an extra 5 minutes and read it all completly. Didn't sound like he was blaming "White america" more like the government and the political/media left.

This is one more reason why there can't be any sort real discussion on any of this. People like MM who will take anything and somehow spin it into OMG YOU ARE BLAMING ME FOR IT.

Black Misogynist said...

The current black panthers are nothing close to what it was originally about nor intended for. Not even close. The only thing they now share is the same name.

Restarted by people who had almost nothing to do with the original started in oakland. People who I am positive only heard* about what they were like by the media at the time trying to paint them as something they weren't.

Funny how it seems they are left alone at the present unlike the original group that was the target for multiple government branches all working together to tear it apart.

Black Misogynist said...


The reason they hate talking about race because the only time anybody talks about race is to pontificate about just how evil all* white people are.

Probably long got to the point where they just tune it all out and you get the kneejerk response of defence(see masculist man) or to just nod their heads up and down because they have long givin up.

Flood both sides with propaganda to make one side point the finger at the other and viceversa. Everybody ignores the puppetmaster.

Smooth shit really.

Masculist Man said...

You know why I feel that way,TBA? Because of what happened to the Duke lacrosse players and how the black community vilified these men before the world. The false accuser said she was going to get money from these WHITE boys. Al Sharpton and worse yet,Louis Farrakan have stuck up for this false accuser. In fact Jesse Jackson has offered to pay her college bills even before all the facts became known. Then there was the Don Imus non-issue that got all the attention and these women were crying over fucking WORDS,c'mon,give me a break and no blacks gave Imus an break and broke the party line by disageeing with it. Jesse Jackson basically shakes people down by threatening to boycott them unless they give in to his demands. Durham county has to be the worst,where institutionalized racism exists. Oh then there is North Carolina Central University,which is predominately black,where a lot of students said that even if they didn't do it they should pay just because they are white. I have yet to hear one of these black leaders denounce what those students said. In fact I would say that Durham is the flipside of "I don't want to see you dance with a white girl now". Both are just as racist and I'm calling them on it. One of the Duke boys was threatened by the black panthers with bodily harm. Then there is Witchitia Massacre where there was black-on-white violence and the bitch prosecutor didn't hit the defendents with a hate crime. I'll bet if the races were reversed they would have been hit with a hate crime. I guess the prosecutor didn't want to alienate Sharpless,Jackoff and Fargone.

There ain't no justice for white people anymore.

tba said...

" the black community vilified these men before the world. The false accuser said she was going to get money from these WHITE boys. Al Sharpton and worse yet,Louis Farrakan have stuck up for this false accuser."

Was it about race or was it about a woman crying rape and the men being automatically guilty because of it? If the woman was white the men still would have gone through hell because they were MEN accused of rape. All you have to do is look through some of the archives of the FEMINIST sites or check how the (feminist) academics at Duke condemned him, or how Nancy Grace was out to prove the men guilty.

Plus, the black community is NOT monolithic. The moment I heard of the case I assumed they were innocent because I saw it as a feminist witch hunt. When Jess et al got involved I KNEW they were innocent.

Then there was the Don Imus non-issue that got all the attention and these women were crying over fucking WORDS,c'mon,give me a break and no blacks gave Imus an break and broke the party line by disageeing with it.

Really? No blacks? Then you must not watch T.V. If you watch cable t.v. whenever they present a race issue they ALWAYS have to black men with differing opinions on a topic battle it out. The Don Imus case was no different. Go to YouTube and earch names like: Jason Whitlock, Larry Elder, Patrice Oneal, etc. Hell, you'll even find videos of Patrice Oneal DEFENDING Kramer for his tirade at the "Laugh Factory".

I have yet to hear one of these black leaders denounce what those students said.

Of course not, 'cause it wouldn't be shown- just like you don't hear about say, positive rappers. But that doesn't mean there weren't denunciations of the comments, whatever they were.

I don't support racism on either side and I condemn both. Folks need to learn to get along. People ought to be able to see issues from both sides of the aisle as well.

Black Misogynist said...

Am I the only one who laughs at the irony of white people complaining about black people using the race card while at the same time using it themselves?

You know what MM? Yes, The duke rape case only got massive media attention because the woman was black. The media themselves jumped all on that and the whole nation knew about it.

Want to know a truth i've never seen your crowd acknowledge? The fact that they now have a chance at a normal life as most people know they didn't do shit. Because the media hyped it so damn much everybody had a stake in whether they were guilty or not. Now that it seems they aren't everybody now knows it.

Know what the truth is? They are damn lucky it was by a black woman and that it DID get as much attention as it did.
Wanna know what would have happened if it was done by a white woman? Nobody would have known it was fake. They would have had to move all the way on the other end of the coast away from former friends and family as it would have hit local news. Then fallen off into nothing as it turned out the woman lied.

See, The media doesn't like to really play up when they have made a mistake. Only time they do is when they can't take anymore steps back. As they wouldn't have been able to with the duke case.

In the long run. It ended up better for them to have the lying skank end up black than white. Yet I don't see anybody admiting that. Had it been a white girl and a lowkey local only case. Nobody would have heard of it again. Nobody would have known there were no dna to be found. That all of it was lies. They would only know "that was the guy who raped that poor girl"

Plus, the black community is NOT monolithic.

That is going to go in one ear and out the other.....

confused said...

I don't understand your blog. why do you hate feminism if you are an african american?

racism and sexism are both something we all should be fighting and feminism is about fighting against sexism and racism and for equality.

for somebody who speaks highly of martin luther king I don't understand why you are so deadset to hate.
I can understand all these other mra blogs since they are all white males who are scared of losing power they have over women and blacks like yousefl but why are you on there side?

tba said...

I don't understand your blog. why do you hate feminism if you are an african american?

Confused, I'll tell you why I HATE feminism. Much of the problems in the black community can be traced to feminism. Feminism and its ideas are destroying blacks.

Feminism rests on the assumption that men are evil and oppress women. Feminists speak of the patriarchy and how men rule over their wives with an iron-fist, preventing their women from working outside of the home and treating them as second-class citizens.

So how does this relate to african-americans? THERE WAS NEVER ANY PATRIARCHY IN THE BLACK FAMILY! How could there possibly have been? For african-americans to support feminims it would mean they would have to support the idea that black men were oppressing black women AND Black men were NOT oppressing our women.

To survive Jim Crow, Black men and women worked together. Job prospects were limited for black males so it was imperative for black women to work- and THEIR prospects were few as well. We all have that image of the black woman as the domestic servant in a white family's home- or sharecropping in the South. Sometimes, in order to find work the black man had to migrate to the northern factories (and their wives followed them).

Feminism is nothing more than an upper-class white woman phenomenon. There IS NO Feminine Mystique. The feminine mystique was nothing more than a bunch of spoiled rich white women who were bored with their lives. THey didn't care about black women AND they did not care about lower-class WHITE women.

And this is why I HATE black feminists. THey both into that stupid movement and engendered DISTRUST between black men and women when there was no need for it. We got along as well as we possibly could have in order to survive discrimination. Black women STOOD BY THEIR MEN to make it through. And now both sides can't stand each other (or at the least mistrust each other. black men are neglecting their role as HEAD of the family and black women have all but abandoned the necesary qualities that allowed them to be an essential HELP-MATE to black men- ALL because Betty Friedan was F..KING BORED with herself.

That's enough ranting for now.

Male Samizdat said...

Here's another point:

"Urban renewal" was used to target ethnic neighborhoods (especially those that were black or Catholic) to break up their respective subcultures.

Both blacks and Catholics faced tremendous discrimination, but they managed to have a strong subculture in which they took care of their own, which was facilitated by mostly homogeneous neighborhoods.

Urban renewal broke up these neighborhoods and the social support system that depended on that close proximity.

There are still segregated black neighborhoods, but the self-supporting subculture has, unfortunately, disappeared (and not just for blacks).

Anonymous said...

Al Sharpton's niece Twana Brawley made a false rape case for herself claiming white racists did it to her. The problem was, after all the touting and blustering was done the case fell appart when some of Twana Brawleys own friends said she saw Twana at a distance putting herself into a garbage bag and going to sleep in it. Appearnetly Twana wasn't suspose to be at the party she was at and now needed an excuse for being out that late. Conversely you have dopey sops like Susan Smith killing her two kids by drowning them giving a side profile of a rather generic looking black guy who she never got a frontal face view of who carjacked her, ends up she put her two children at the bottom of a body of water, i think a lake. Both cases where fishy from the word go but in both cases they caused a stir and an uproar. The Lacrosse non-rape case ended with a thud in the same way both of the previously mentioned cases went, thud thud thud. But they serve a purpose too, they play on stereotypes and/or personal fears. The lacrosse case just played on the rich white kids expoiting a poor black young woman. Class warfare with a different wrap to it. Of course, with the lacrosse case I don't think NOW had much if anything to say which was rather strange.

Anonymous said...

All the things you say about the Black Panthers can also be said about the KKK. They also help in their communities, among their own kind. They also are known for violent acts. The violent acts of both the Black Panthers and the KKK are what people remember, not all the people they helped. In fact, wasn't the KKK started (by Nathan Bedford Forest, civil war hero) as a response to the very thing this author (and Dr. King) rails against: blacks being given free handouts (i.e. Jim Crow laws)?

Anonymous said...

>>>blacks being given free handouts (i.e. Jim Crow laws)?<<<<

The fact that you are enough of a retard to think Jim Crow laws were about giving free handouts to blacks.

I think you really don't know what you are talking about.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

"your hole post could be done in just a few words

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Your whole post can be summed up in these words:

I am a racist, homophobic idiot and I have no business commenting on this blog or anything else for that matter.

Now you stfu. Thx. ;)

TheActionIntegral said...

Its not a conspiracy theory. Here are some serious words from a feminist who understands that this gender feminism is using every tactic in the political book both to grab the reins of power and seriously fuck men.

Male-Bashing and a Foreboding of the Future
August 12, 2003
by Carey Roberts

When persons call for the decimation of half the world's population, that grabs my attention. This is what I'm talking about:

"The proportion of men must be reduced to and maintained at approximately 10% of the human race." -- Sally Miller Gearhart, in The Future--If There Is One--Is Female

"If life is to survive on this planet, there must be a decontamination of the Earth. I think this will be accompanied by an evolutionary process that will result in a drastic reduction of the population of males." -- Mary Daly, former Professor at Boston College, 2001

These proposals are disturbing in their own right. What is even more troubling is that no feminist has ever repudiated them.

When feminists call for global "decontamination" by phasing-out men, I can't help but think of the lies and accusations leveled against the Jews in Nazi Germany, and the similarities to contemporary gender feminism:

1. Biological superiority: The National Socialists preached the genetic superiority of the Aryan race. Now, a feminist-oriented World Health Organization website claims that women enjoy an "inherent biological advantage."
2. Sub-human: In the 1930s, the Jews were called vermin and "Judensau" (Jew-pig). Thirty years later, feminists referred to men as "male chauvinist pigs."
3. Conspiracy theory: The Jews were often accused of "working together" to pollute German culture. Now, feminists refer to the so-called conspiracy against women as "the patriarchy."
4. Excessive influence: Seventy years ago, Jews were accused of controlling the German economy. Now, men are accused of "having all the power."
5. Threat to the greater welfare: The Jews were blacklisted as toxic to German culture. In the present era, Gloria Steinem writes, "The most dangerous situation for a woman is....a husband or lover in the isolation of their own home."
6. Faulty science: Just as Hitler's propagandists once dismissed Albert Einstein's discoveries as "Jewish physics," feminist scholars now ridicule male scientific breakthroughs as the product of "linear" and "hierarchical" thinking.
7. Spread of a dread disease: In Nazi Germany, Jews were falsely accused of spreading of untreatable syphilis. Now, UNICEF director Carol Belamy unfairly blames men for the spread of AIDS in Africa.
8. Sexual contact: Hitler was obsessed with keeping Jewish men from "defiling" the racial purity of Aryan women. Now, according to Catherine McKinnon, "In a patriarchal society all heterosexual intercourse is rape."

But the most fascinating parallel between Germany in the 1930s and the current era lies in the conscious use of deception to sway public opinion.

In her brilliant exposé, Who Stole Feminism?, Christina Hoff Sommers documents the many fabrications of gender feminism. Indeed, the entire ideological foundation of feminism rests on what columnist Wendy McElroy calls the "Great Lie" -- the wrong-headed notion that women are the eternal victims of male-dominated culture.

The feminist Great Lie echoes the infamous passage from Mein Kampf that says, "The size of the lie is a definite factor in causing it to be believed....The primitive simplicity of their minds renders them a more easy prey to a big lie than a small one."

The effect of the Nazi accusations was to convince the German public and the world at large that Jews were not part of humanity, and thus not deserving of fundamental human rights.

Once the dehumanization and demoralization of the Jews was complete, the stage was set for the horrors that were to commence in 1939.

So what does the future hold for the male species?

Anonymous said...

"So what does the future hold for the male species?"

Well the future is already fucked up, and getting even worse. 20 years ago, who would belive that a man would be paying child support for children that are not his? Or that an 18 year old babysitter could fuck a 12 or maybe 11 year old boy, get pregnant, and not only NOT be charged with statutory rape, but BE given child support for her efforts? Who would have believed that in todays world, a teen boy could go to jail for at least 10 years, because the bitch he was F***king said she wanted to stop and he got in a couple of more humps? And this just happened again in 2008 in Maryland...16 year old going off for 15 years because it took him 5 seconds to get out. And who would have believed that your girlfriend can have you thrown out of your own place by saying she is scared of you? You continue to pay rent, and are barred from you own place for at least a couple of weeks....Plus she can put in the complaint without you even being present or knowing about it. Who would have believed this shit 20 years ago. And IMBRA, the law to hinder marrige to Foreign Women. And the VAWA which is unconstitutional, and can crush you if it is used against you. And finally who would have believed that debtors prisons are alive and well for men who fall behind in their child support payments? Or that some woman out of you pass can present you with a multi thousand dollar bill because you F**ked her 20 years ago, and now she decides she wants back child support. IN a LUMP sum...
I could go on..but this is too depressing.

Anonymous said...

Oh brother. It appears that mm has never read a history book. And is mm aware that todays black panthers are nothing like the original black panthers?
I bet he gets all his information from Rush Limbaugh. A in the closet uneducated dope head.

Another person that gets all if his information from sean hannity. I wonder is talk radio affirmative action for angry white men?

CWELCUMA said...


I really like your blog. We need more people like you (white and black, and every other ethnicity).

You're awesome!

Anyway, if you get the time, check out my blog: